Daftar pemimpin negara tahun 2012

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Berikut ini adalah daftar kepala negara, kepala pemerintahan, dan pemimpin negara lain pada tahun 2012.




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  1. ^ Eritrea only became independent in 1993.
  2. ^ During Bilal Ag Acherif's incapacity from June 26 until July 12, 2012.
  3. ^ Sudan Selatan only became independent in 2011.
  4. ^ Bahrain merdeka pada 1971.
  5. ^ Brunei merdeka pada 1984.
  6. ^ Kazakhstan only became independent in 1991.
  7. ^ Ali Abdullah Saleh was Presiden North Yaman until 1990.
  8. ^ Montenegro only became independent in 2006.
  9. ^ Serbia only became independent in 2006.
  10. ^ The seven member Swiss Federal Council is the collective head of state dan the government of Swiss. Within the Council, the Presiden Swiss Confederation serves solely in a primus inter pares capacity for one year.
  11. ^ She has been deputy governor since 2010. However since Gubernur Frits Goedgedrag tendered his resignation to Ratu Beatrix in November 2012, she has been the highest ranking office holder on the island.

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