Wikipedia:Warung Kopi (Kebijakan)/Arsip (Jul-05)

Please Express Your Objection

There’s someone proposing a policy to close some minor, slow-growing, “hopeless” wikipedias on the wikimedia meta-wiki. (see Toytoy's proposed policy for wiki closure) This proposal is the enemy to the openness of the whole wikipedia community. I come here to inform you to express your opinion there. I think it's OK to use your own language on the talk page. Thank you. --Theodoranian 05:55, 28 Juli 2005 (UTC)

Yes thank you for the information. I've already written a comment on the talk page. Meursault2004 15:13, 28 Juli 2005 (UTC)
I just noticed that the debate is already closed. Meursault2004 15:26, 28 Juli 2005 (UTC)