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|fossil_range = {{fossilrange|385|0|Akhir kala [[Devon]]<ref name="Taylor 1993">{{cite book|last= Taylor|first= Thomas N.|author2=Edith L. Taylor.|year= 1993|title= The Biology and Evolution of Fossil Plants|location= Englewood Cliffs, NJ|publisher= Prentice Hall|pages= 303–305|isbn= 0-13-651589-4 }}</ref> sampai kini}}
|image = Equisetopsida.jpg
|image_alt= A group of small erect plants with unbranched segmented stems. Whorls of small leaves sprout from each segment, thicker at the top end and absent in the lower portion of the stem, giving it the appearance of a bottle brush or a horse's tail.
|image_caption = ''[[Equisetum telmateia]]''
|taxon = Equisetopsida
|authority = C. Agardh
|subdivision_ranks = Ordo
|subdivision =