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Penguasa Antigonid
Raja Berkuasa (SM) Permaisuri Catatan
Antigonus II Gonatas (Makedonia) 276–239 SM Phila Putra Demetrius Poliorcetes dan Phila, cucu Antigonus I Monophthalmus. Istrinya, Phila, adalah putri dari saudarinya, Stratonice. Hanya satu anak yang sah, Demetrius II Aetolicus.
Demetrius II Aetolicus (Makedonia) 239–229 SM Stratonice dari Makedonia
Phthia dari Epirus
Nicaea dari Korintus
Anak Antigonus II dan Phila. Stratonice dari Makedonia putri Antiochus I Soter dan Stratonice. Phthia dari Epirus putri Aleksander II dari Epirus dan Olympias II dari Epirus. Nicaea dari Korintus adalah janda dari sepupu Demetrius, Aleksander dari Korintus. Chryseis mantan tawanan Demetrius.[5] Putra semata wayang, Filipus V dengan Chryseis, juga memiliki seorang putri dengan Stratonice dari Makedonia, Apama III.
Antigonus III Doson (Makedonia) 229–221 SM Chryseis Putra Demitrios dari Kirene dan Olympias dari Larissa. Anaknya tidak diketahui.
Filipus V (Makedonia)
221–179 SM Polycratia dari Argos Putra Demetrius II dan Chryseis.[5] Memiliki sedikitnya empat anak: Perseus dari Makedonia, Apame, Demetrius dan Philippus.
Perseus (Makedonia)
179–168 SM
Laodice V Raja terakhir Makedonia. Laodice V adalah putri dari Raja Seleucid, Seleucus IV Philopator. Paling tidak memiliki dua putra, Filipus dan Aleksander.

Raja-raja non-dinasti sunting

Koin Andriscus. Tulisan bahasa Yunani ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ (Raja Filipus).

Pemberontak Makedonia melawan Roma dan Raja Makedonia terakhir, Andriscus, (atau Pseudo-Philip VI) Ἀνδρίσκος 150-148 SM, diklaim sebagai putra Perseus.

  • Pseudo-Alexander, 148 SM
  • Pseudo-Philip VII atau Pseudo-Perseus, 143/142 SM

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  1. ^ As part of the compromise in Babylon after Alexander the Great’s death, it was agreed that Philip would be joint king with Roxanne’s unborn child, should it prove to be male. Hence Philip was sole king for several months until Alexander IV was born, and Alexander too was sole king from Philip’s murder in 317 BC to his own death. Neither had any effective power during this period; Philip was mentally infirm and Alexander was under age.
  2. ^ Perdiccas (And his immediate Regency successors) did not take the title of Regent, (Epitropos) but instead styled himself 'Manager' (Epimelêtês), however his position was that of Regent in all but name.
  3. ^ Demetrius was proclaimed King in 306 BC with his father, but his reign in Macedonia only became effective after he ousted the Antipatrids in 294, and his power there ended after he was in turn expelled by Pyrrhus and Lysimachus in 286. His death in 283 is often given as marking the end of his reign.
  4. ^ Antigonus claimed the kingship upon his father's death in 283, but it was only effective after 276.
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