Van Morrison

Penyanyi-penulis lagu dan musisi Irlandia Utara

Van Morrison, OBE (lahir 31 Agustus 1945) adalah seorang penyanyi-penulis lagu dan musisi dari Irlandia Utara. Dia berkarier di dunia musik sejak tahun 1958, dan dia menjadi yang terkenal saat menyanyikan lagu-lagu utamanya seperti "Brown Eyed Girl", "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile)", "Domino" and "Wild Night".

Van Morrison
Informasi latar belakang
Nama lahirGeorge Ivan Morrison
Nama lainVan the Man
The Belfast Cowboy
Lahir31 Agustus 1945 (umur 78)
AsalIrlandia Utara Belfast, Irlandia Utara
GenreRock, blues, R&B, folk, blue-eyed soul, celtic, rock and roll, fusion jazz, country, soft rock
PekerjaanPenyanyi-penulis lagu, musisi
InstrumenVokal, gitar, harmonika, saksofon, keyboard, drum, tamburin, ukulele
Tahun aktif1958–sekarang
Warner Bros.
Point Black
Blue Note
Lost Highway
Listen to the Lion/EMI
Artis terkaitThem




Tahun Judul Amerika Serikat[1] Rock AS Britania Raya Belanda[2] Irlandia[3] Selandia Baru Album
1967 "Brown Eyed Girl"/"Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)" 10 154 Blowin' Your Mind
1967 "Ro Ro Rosey"/"Chick-A-Boom" 107
1967 "Spanish Rose"/"Midnight Special" 18
1970 "Come Running"/"Crazy Love" 39 Moondance
1970 "Crazy Love"/"Come Running" (Belanda)
1970 "Domino"/"Come Running" (Spanyol)/"Sweet Jannie" 9 22 His Band and the Street Choir
1971 "Blue Money"/"Sweet Thing" (Amerika Serikat)/"Call Me Up in Dreamland" (Eropa) 23
1971 "Call Me Up in Dreamland"/"Street Choir" 95
1971 "Wild Night"/"When That Evening Sun Goes Down" 28 24 Tupelo Honey
1971 "Tupelo Honey"/"Starting a New Life" 47
1972 "(Straight to Your Heart) Like a Cannonball"/"Old Old Woodstock" 119
1972 "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile)"/"You've Got the Power" 61 Saint Dominic's Preview
1972 "Redwood Tree"/"Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile) (Jerman)/"Saint Dominic's Preview" 98
1973 "Gypsy"/"Saint Dominic's Preview" 101
1973 "Warm Love"/"I Will Be There" Hard Nose the Highway
1973 "Bein' Green"/"Wild Children"
1974 "Ain't Nothing You Can Do"/"Wild Children" It's Too Late to Stop Now
1974 "Bulbs"/"Who Was That Masked Man?" (Britania Raya)/"Cul De Sac" Veedon Fleece
1974 "Caledonia"/"What's Up Crazy Pup?" (Jerman, Belanda)
1974 "Gloria" (Live)/"Warm Love" (Jerman) It's Too Late to Stop Now
1977 "The Eternal Kansas City"/"Joyous Sound" A Period of Transition
1977 "Joyous Sound"/"Mechanical Bliss"
1977 "Moondance"/"Cold Wind in August" 92 Moondance
1978 "Wavelength"/"Checkin' it Out" 42 Wavelength
1979 "Natalia"/"Lifetimes"
1979 "Kingdom Hall"/"Checkin' it Out"
1979 "Bright Side of the Road"/"Rolling Hills" 110 63 48 Into the Music
1979 "Full Force Gale"/"Bright Side of the Road"
1980 "You Make Me Feel So Free"/"Full Force Gale"
1982 "Cleaning Windows"/"It's All in the Game" (Britania Raya)/"Aryan Mist" (Spanyol)/"Scandinavia" Beautiful Vision
1982 "Scandinavia"/"Dweller on the Threshold"
1983 "Cry For Home"/"Summertime in England" 98 40 Inarticulate Speech of the Heart
1983 "Celtic Swing"/"Mr. Thomas"
1984 "Dweller on the Threshold"/"Northern Muse (Solid Ground)" Live at the Grand Opera House Belfast
1984 "A Sense of Wonder"/"Haunts of Ancient Peace" A Sense of Wonder
1985 "Tore Down a la Rimbaud"/"Haunts of Ancient Peace" 101 19
1986 "Ivory Tower"/"A New Kind of Man" 21 No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
1986 "Got to Go Back"/"In the Garden"
1987 "Did Ye Get Healed?"/"Allow Me" Poetic Champions Compose
1987 "Someone Like You"/"Celtic Excavation"
1988 "Queen of the Slipstream"/"Spanish Steps"
1988 "I'll Tell Me Ma"/"Tà Mo Chleamhnas Déanta" Irish Heartbeat
1989 "Have I Told You Lately"/"Contacting My Angel" 74 14 12 Avalon Sunset
1989 "Whenever God Shines His Light" (dengan Cliff Richard)/"I'd Love to Write Another Song" 20 3
1989 "Orangefield"/"These Are the Days" 70
1990 "Coney Island"/"Have I Told You Lately" 76 30
1990 "Gloria"/"Rave on, John Donne" The Best of Van Morrison
1990 "Real Real Gone"/"Start All Over Again" 18 79 Enlightenment
1990 "In The Days Before Rock 'N' Roll"/"I'd Love to Write Another Song" 94
1991 "Enlightenment"/"Avalon of the Heart"
1991 "I Can't Stop Loving You" (dengan The Chieftains)/"All Saints Day" Hymns to the Silence
1991 "Why Must I Always Explain?"/"So Complicated"
1993 "Gloria"/"It Must Be You" 36 31 37 17 46 Too Long in Exile
1995 "Have I Told You Lately" (dengan The Chieftains)/"Love is a Teasin'"/"Fenny Hill" 71 The Long Black Veil
1995 "Days Like This"/"I Don't Want to go on Without You"/"That Old Black Magic"/"Yo" 65 Days Like This
1995 "Perfect Fit"/"Raincheck"/"Cleaning Windows"
1995 "No Religion"/"Whenever God Shines His Light"/"Have I Told You Lately"/"Gloria" 54
1996 "That's Life"/"Moondance"/"That's Life"
(semua dengan Georgie Fame)
111 How Long Has This Been Going On
1997 "The Healing Game"/"Have I Told You Lately"/"Whenever God Shines His Light"/"Gloria"/
"Full Force Gale 96"/"Look at What the Good People Done"/"Celtic Spring"
46 The Healing Game
1997 "Rough God Goes Riding"/"At the End of the Day"/"The Healing Game" 168
1999 "Precious Time"/"Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile)"/"Call Me Up in Dreamland" 36 96 Back on Top
1999 "Back on Top"/"John Brown's Body"/"I'm Ready" 69
1999 "Philosopher's Stone"/"These Dreams of You"/"Raincheck" 171
2000 "I Wanna Go Home"
(dengan Lonnie Donegan dan Chris Barber)/"New Burying Ground"/"Midnight Special"
114 The Skiffle Sessions - Live In Belfast 1998
2000 "Let's Talk About Us"
(dengan Linda Gail Lewis)/"Singing the Blues"/"The Ballad of Jesse James"
100 You Win Again
2002 "Hey Mr. DJ"/"Someone Like You"/"Bright Side of the Road" 58 91 41 Down the Road
2002 "Meet Me In The Indian Summer"/"In the Afternoon/Ancient Highway/Raincheck/Meditation/
Joe Turner Sings/Don't You Make Me High" (Live)/"In the Midnight" (Live)
2003 "Once in a Blue Moon"/"Walkin' My Baby Back Home"/"When You're Smiling" What's Wrong with This Picture?
2005 "Celtic New Year" Magic Time
2006 "Playhouse" Pay the Devil
2006 "And It Stoned Me" (Live) Live at Montreux 1980/1974
2006 "Cry for Home"(dengan Tom Jones) The Best of Van Morrison Volume 3
2007 "Blue and Green"
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