Overseas Indonesian Student Association Alliance (best known in Bahasa as Radio PPI Dunia) is an online radio station online radio station run by Indonesian Indonesia students studying abroad. Radio PPI Dunia is airing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Radio Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia se-Dunia
Logo Radio Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia se-Dunia
SingkatanRadio PPI Dunia; Overseas Indonesian Student Association Alliance
Tanggal pendirian18 Mei 2009
TipeRadio Internet, Radio Pelajar
Tujuan"Mempererat tali silaturahmi antar pelajar Indonesia yang tersebar luas di seluruh dunia."
Bahasa resmi
Bahasa Indonesia
Situs webhttp://www.radioppidunia.org/



Radio PPI Dunia was formed on Monday, 18th of May 2009 at 00.00 WIB or 05.00 UTC.[1] The launching of Radio PPI Dunia was marked with a chained live broadcast by 'Sobat Siar (SS)'-their term of reference for broadcaster- in Germany, Egypt, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, United Kingdom, and Australia.



Radio PPI Dunia officially launched on Monday, 18th of May 2009, at 00.00 WIB or 05.00 UTC.

Due to the voluntary hardwork from Indonesian diaspora, especially Indonesian students that are located overseas, this online radio managed to muster a youth empowered network by making sure they are on-air non-stop, 24/7 with 'Sobat Siar'-student broadcaster-, that are spread worldwide.

Radio PPI Dunia was born from an idea given by the World Indonesian Student Alliance (PPI). Radio PPI Dunia's birth coincided with International Symposium ran by the Indonesian Student Alliance in Den Haag, Netherlands. At the beginning, only 10 branches of the Student Alliance PPI involved, but slowly, the radio gains more broadcaster and crews from Indonesian students spread worldwide. As of the year 2014, Radio PPI Dunia is widely supported by over 300 students in Indonesia and abroad.

Radio PPI Dunia's first organisation structure, which were the radio's founding system, are:

  • General Coordinator: Ade Darwadi (Russia)
  • Broadcasting Coordinator: Honesty Yanwirsal (Germany)
  • Technical Coordinator: Muhammad Hasbi (Egypt)
  • Program Coordinator: Yohanes Widodo (Netherlands)

Multiple fixes on their organisational system were done, especially on the Technical, Broadcasting, and Program filtering. Radio PPI Dunia makes sure their broadcasting programs fulfills three points, which is education, information, and entertainment. Hundreds of interview inviting nation officials, such as politician, academician, even national celebrities or singers has been successfully broadcasted. With nothing more than internet connection and a humble microphone, the broadcasters has been entertaining many Indonesian diaspora and students abroad. Radio PPI Dunia has also been motivating an inspiring the Indonesian youth. This serves as a token of aspiration, a proof of responsibility of every individual in Radio PPI Dunia to their nation.

After the International Symposium in Den Haag, Radio PPI Dunia's internal party agreed to keep the radio airing. Thus, a democratic voting were conducted to build a new, long-term organisational structure. With this new management, later Radio PPI Dunia is inaugurated as a non-profit organisation with an agreed administration and operational procedure.

List of the Radio's directors over the years:

  • Director for the period of 2009-2010 Andy Tirta (PERPIKA - Korea)
  • Director for the period of 2010-2011 Ayman Husni kamal (Mesir)
  • Director for the period of 2011-2012 Deni Danial Kesa (PPI Taiwan)
  • Director for the period of 2012-2013 Norman Adhy Maulana (PPI Australia)
  • Executive Director for the period of 2013-2015 Dina Hanggraini (PPI Swiss)
  • Executive Director for the period of 2015-2016 Aulia Rifada (PPMI Pakistan)
  • Executive Director for the period of 2016-2017 Nouval Rezka Irfansyah (PPI Tiongkok)
  • Executive Director for the period of 2017-2018
  • Executive Director for the period of 2018-2019 Suryadi (Hungaria)
  • Executive Director for the period of 2019-2020 Yuwindafya Tami (PPI Tiongkok)
  • Executive Director for the period of 2020-2021 Alif Paramardhika Putera (PPI Azerbaijan)
  • Executive Director for the period of 2021-2022 Hilal Kadarussman (PPI Jerman)
  • Executive Director for the period of 2022-2023 Amirah Hussein (PPI UAE)
  • Executive Director for the period of 2023-2024 Gupita Nadindra Fatima (PPI Taiwan)

Radio PPI Dunia has been popularizing the tagline: "Suara Anak Bangsa, Satu Cinta, Satu Indonesia", which means "Nation's Voice, One Love, One Indonesia". It is meant to say that the Radio is bringing the voice of the Indonesia's youth, and that wherever they are located, their heart is in Indonesia. This shows the passion of the young Indonesian diaspora who went abroad to study and preparing to bring the knowledge home to build their nation.

Today Radio PPI Dunia is still actively contributing to education and entertainment for the Indonesian youth with their broadcasting programs.

Listen to Radio PPI Dunia on their website: http://www.radioppidunia.org

For more info, follow their social media:

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/_radioppidunia_

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/RadioPPIDuniaOfficial

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/radioppidunia

Tiktok: http://www.instagram.com/radioppidunia


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