On My Way Here

On My Way Here adalah album studio keempat penyanyi asal Amerika Serikat, Clay Aiken. Album ini dirilis pada tanggal 6 Mei 2008.

On My Way Here
Album studio karya Clay Aiken
Dirilis6 Mei 2008
Kronologi Clay Aiken
All Is Well
(2006)All Is Well2006
On My Way Here
Playlist: The Very Best of Clay Aiken
(2009)Playlist: The Very Best of Clay Aiken2009
Singel dalam album On My Way Here
  1. "On My Way Here"
    Dirilis: April 2008

Daftar laguSunting

  1. "On My Way Here"[1]
  2. "Ashes"[2]
  3. "Everything I Don't Need"[3]
  4. "Something About Us"[4]
  5. "Falling"[5]
  6. "Where I Draw the Line"[6]
  7. "The Real Me"[7]
  8. "Weight of the World"[8]
  9. "As Long as We're Here"[9]
  10. "Sacrificial Love"[10]
  11. "Grace of God"[11]
  12. "Lover All Alone"[12]


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