William Pitt yang Muda: Perbedaan antara revisi

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== Referensi ==
== Kutipan ==
* "Oh, my country! How I leave my country." (Attributed last words, from: Stanhope's ''Life of the Rt Hon. William Pitt'' (1862), vol. iv, p. 391)
* "My country! Oh, my country!" (Attributed last words, from: G. Rose ''Diary'' 23 January 1806)
* "I think I could eat one of Bellamy's veal pies." (alternative attributed last words)<ref>{{cite news|url=http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3724/is_200101/ai_n8953214 |title=Famous last words do not always ring true. or do they? |publisher=The Spectator|date=2001-01-27 |accessdate=2010-04-23 | first=Paul | last=Johnson}}</ref>
* "...the foulest and most atrocious deed." (in reference to the execution of King Louis XVI of France)<ref name=10downingstreet />
* “Roll up that map: it will not be wanted these ten years.” (referring to a map of Europe, after hearing of Napoleon's victory at Austerlitz)
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