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Hasil produksi Hanna dan BarberaSunting

Episode-episode tersebut disutradarai oleh William Hanna dan Joseph Barbera dan diproduksi oleh:

1940 - 1943Sunting

  1. Puss Gets the Boot
  2. The Midnight Snack
  3. The Night Before Christmas
  4. Fraidy Cat
  5. Dog Trouble
  6. Puss n' Toots
  7. The Bowling Alley Cat
  8. Fine Feathered Friend
  9. Sufferin' Cats!
  10. The Lonesome Mouse
  11. The Yankee Doodle Mouse
  12. Baby Puss

KET: Episode-episode di atas merupakan pertama kali kemunculan Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse, Spike, Mammy Two Shoes,Meathead, Butch dan Topsy.

1944 - 1948Sunting

  1. The Zoot Cat
  2. The Million Dollar Cat
  3. The Bodyguard
  4. Puttin' on the Dog
  5. Mouse Trouble
  6. The Mouse Comes to Dinner
  7. Mouse in Manhattan
  8. Tee for Two
  9. Flirty Birdy
  10. Quiet Please!
  11. Springtime for Thomas
  12. The Milky Waif
  13. Trap Happy
  14. Solid Serenade
  15. Cat Fishin'
  16. Part Time Pal
  17. The Cat Concerto
  18. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse
  19. Salt Water Tabby
  20. A Mouse in the House
  21. The Invisible Mouse
  22. Kitty Foiled
  23. The Truce Hurts
  24. Old Rockin' Chair Tom
  25. Professor Tom
  26. Mouse Cleaning

KET: Episode-episode di atas merupakan pertama kali kemunculan Toodles Galore, Tuffy dan Lightning.

1949 - 1952Sunting

  1. Polka-Dot Puss
  2. The Little Orphan
  3. Hatch Up Your Troubles
  4. Heavenly Puss
  5. The Cat and the Mermouse
  6. Love That Pup
  7. Jerry's Diary
  8. Tennis Chumps
  9. Little Quacker
  10. Saturday Evening Puss
  11. Texas Tom
  12. Jerry and the Lion
  13. Safety Second
  14. Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl
  15. The Framed Cat
  16. Cue Ball Cat
  17. Casanova Cat
  18. Jerry and the Goldfish
  19. Jerry's Cousin
  20. Sleepy-Time Tom
  21. His Mouse Friday
  22. Slicked-up Pup
  23. Nit-Witty Kitty
  24. Cat Napping
  25. The Flying Cat
  26. The Duck Doctor
  27. The Two Mouseketeers
  28. Smitten Kitten
  29. Triplet Trouble
  30. Little Runaway
  31. Fit to be Tied
  32. Push-Button Kitty
  33. Cruise Cat
  34. The Dog House

KET: Episode Love that Pup merupakan pertama kalinya Tyke hadir di film, dan pertama kalinya menggunakan tema musik Scott Bradley. Episode Jerry's Diary dan Smitten Kitten merupakan film komplikasi, termasuk panjangnya dari Tee for Two, Mouse Trouble, Solid Serenade, The Yankee Doodle Mouse, Salt Water Tabby, The Mouse Comes to Dinner, dan Texas Tom. Episode The Two Mouseketeers merupakan serial "Mouseketeers".

1953 - 1955Sunting

  1. The Missing Mouse
  2. Jerry and Jumbo
  3. Johann Mouse
  4. That's My Pup!
  5. Just Ducky
  6. Two Little Indians
  7. Life with Tom
  8. Puppy Tale
  9. Posse Cat
  10. Hic-cup Pup
  11. Little School Mouse
  12. Baby Butch
  13. Mice Follies
  14. Neapolitan Mouse
  15. Downhearted Duckling
  16. Pet Peeve
  17. Touché, Pussy Cat!
  18. Southbound Duckling
  19. Pup on a Picnic
  20. Mouse for Sale
  21. Designs on Jerry
  22. Tom and Chérie
  23. Smarty Cat
  24. Pecos Pest
  25. That's My Mommy


  • Episode Touché, Pussy Cat! dan Tom and Chérie juga merupakan serial "Mouseketeers". Adapun episode Touché, Pussy Cat! merupakan prekuel dari The Two Mouseketeers.
  • Episode ke-88 hingga ke-97 diproduksi oleh CinemaScope.
  • Episode Pet Peeve merupakan pertama kalinya George dan Joan hadir.
  • Episode Smarty Cat juga merupakan film komplikasi, namun dengan panjangnya episode Solid Serenade, Cat Fishin dan Fit to Be Tied.

1956 - 1958Sunting

Episode-episode dibawah diproduksi oleh CinemaScope.

  1. The Flying Sorceress
  2. The Egg and Jerry
  3. Busy Buddies
  4. Muscle Beach Tom
  5. Down Beat Bear
  6. Blue Cat Blues
  7. Barbecue Brawl
  8. Tops with Pops
  9. Give and Tyke
  10. Timid Tabby
  11. Feedin' the Kiddie
  12. Scat Cats
  13. Mucho Mouse
  14. Tom's Photo Finish
  15. Happy Go Ducky
  16. Royal Cat Nap
  17. The Vanishing Duck
  18. Robin Hoodwinked
  19. Tot Watchers


  • Episode The Egg and Jerry, Tops with Pops, dan Feedin' the Kiddie merupakan hasil pembuatan sekali lagi dari The Little Orphan, Hatch Up Your Troubles dan Love That Pup.
  • Episode Royal Cat Nap juga merupakan serial "Mouseketeers".
  • Dalam episode Give and Tyke dan Scat Cats, hanya Spike, Tyke, Butch,Lightning, Meathead dan Topsy saja yang hadir.
  • Episode Tot Watchers merupakan episode terakhir dari Tom and Jerry produksi Hanna dan Barbera.

Hasil produksi Gene DeitchSunting

Episode-episode tersebut disutradarai oleh Gene Deitch, dan diproduksi oleh William L. Snyder

  1. Switchin' Kitten
  2. Down and Outing
  3. It's Greek to Me-ow
  4. High Steaks
  5. Mouse Into Space
  6. Landing Stripling
  7. Calypso Cat
  8. Dicky Moe
  9. The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit
  10. Tall in the Trap
  11. Sorry Safari
  12. Buddies Thicker Than Water
  13. Carmen Get It!

Hasil produksi Chuck JonesSunting

Episode-episode tersebut disutradarai oleh Chuck Jones, Maurice Noble, Jim Pabian, Tom Ray, Abe Levitow, dan Ben Washam.

  1. Pent-House Mouse (Chuck Jones)
  2. The Cat Above and the Mouse Below (Jones)
  3. Is There a Doctor in the Mouse? (Jones, Maurice Noble)
  4. Much Ado About Mousing (Jones, Noble)
  5. Snowbody Loves Me (Jones, Noble)
  6. The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse (Jones, Noble)
  7. Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life (Jones, Noble)
  8. Tom-ic Energy (Jones, Noble)
  9. Bad Day at Cat Rock (Jones, Noble)
  10. The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off (Jim Pabian, Noble)
  11. Haunted Mouse (Jones, Noble)
  12. I'm Just Wild About Jerry (Jones, Noble)
  13. Of Feline Bondage (Jones)
  14. The Year of the Mouse (Jones, Noble)
  15. The Cat's Me-Ouch! (Jones, Noble)
  16. Duel Personality (Jones, Noble)
  17. Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary (Jones, Noble)
  18. Jerry-Go-Round (Jones, Noble)
  19. Love Me, Love My Mouse (Jones, Ben Washam)
  20. Puss 'n' Boats (Abe Levitow)
  21. Filet Meow (Levitow)
  22. Matinee Mouse (Tom Ray)
  23. The A-Tom-Inable Snowman (Levitow)
  24. Catty-Cornered (Levitow)
  25. Cat and Dupli-cat (Jones, Noble)
  26. O-Solar Meow (Levitow)
  27. Guided Mouse-ille (Levitow)
  28. Rock 'n' Rodent (Levitow)
  29. Cannery Rodent (Jones, Noble)
  30. The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R. (Levitow)
  31. Surf-Bored Cat (Levitow)
  32. Shutter Bugged Cat (Ray)
  33. Advance and Be Mechanized (Washam)
  34. Purr-Chance to Dream (Washam)

Pasca tahun 2000Sunting

  1. Tom and Jerry in: The Mansion Cat
  2. The Karate Guard
  3. Tom and Jerry: A Fundraising Adventure

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