Woolworths Limited

Woolworths Limited adalah sebuah perusahaan besar Australia dengan jasa ritel yang ekstensif di seluruh Australia dan Selandia Baru. Perusahaan ini adalah:

  • perusahaan ritel terbesar di Australia dan Selandia Baru menurut kapitalisasi pasar dan penjualan
  • perusahaan ritel pangan terbesar di Australia[1] dan satu dari dua perusahaan terbesar di Selandia Baru[2]
  • perusahaan ritel liquor terbesar di Australia[3]
  • operator hitel dan mesin poker terbesar di Australia[3]
  • perusahaan ritel terbesar ke-19 di dunia (peringkat ini dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu) -Deloitte-[4]
Woolworths Limited
Umum (ASX:WOW)
Wilayah operasi
Selandia Baru
Hong Kong
James Strong, Ketua
Michael Luscombe, CEO
PendapatanKenaikan A$53.7 miliar (2008)
Kenaikan A$2.6 miliar -termasuk jual beli saham-(2008)
DivisiSupermarket (Woolworths, Safeway, Food For Less, Woolworths/Safeway Liquor, Flemings),

Bahan Bakar (Caltex Woolworths/Safeway),

Liquor (BWS, Dan Murphy's),

General Merch (Big W),

Elektronik Konsumen (Dick Smith Electronics, Dick Smith PowerHouse, Tandy)
Situs webwoolworthslimited.com.au
Kantor pusat Woolworths Limited di Norwest Business Park

Catatan kaki sunting

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  2. ^ NZPA (26 October 2007). "Commission: Red Shed takeover would create a 'pure duopoly'". Business story. New Zealand Herald. Diakses tanggal 2006-11-23. Commerce Commission lawyer Stephen Kos told the court the market essentially consisted of a single acknowledged price leader and other price followers. "The effect of the merger would be a creation of a pure duopoly." ... Now Woolworths and Foodstuffs had roughly equal market shares, Kos said. 
  3. ^ a b Moore, Ali (5 March 2006). "Man of the Moment (Interview with Woolworths' boss Roger Corbett)". Business Sunday. Ninemsn. Diarsipkan dari versi asli tanggal 2008-12-11. Diakses tanggal 2007-11-23. This is a very personal question but it is probably going to be the last chance we get to speak to with you on Business Sunday. You are now the biggest pokies operator, the biggest pub owner, the biggest liquor retailer in Australia, how does that sit with your very well known personal Christian beliefs? 
  4. ^ Woolies makes top 25 global retailer list

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