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10 Juli 2018 19.19 (UTC)

What questions concerning the strategy process do you have?Sunting

Hi! I'm sorry that I'm not writing in Indonesian. Please help translate to your language!

I'm Tar Lócesilion, a Polish Wikipedia admin and a member of Wikimedia Polska. Last year, I worked for Wikimedia Foundation as a liaison between communities and the Movement Strategy core team. My task was to ensure that all online communities were aware of the movement-wide strategy discussion. This year, my task similar. Phase II of the strategy process was launched in April. Currently, future Working Groups members are being selected, and related pages on Meta-Wiki are being designed. Soon, I’ll ask you for translation of selected pages.

Now, I’d like to learn what questions concerning the strategy process would you like to be answered on the FAQ page? Please answer here, on my talk page, or on a dedicated talk page on Meta-Wiki. Thanks!

If you have any questions or concerns, please, do ask!

Thanks, SGrabarczuk (WMF) (bicara) 14 Juli 2018 18.58 (UTC)

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