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Halaman pembuka The System of Nature.

Système de la Nature ou Des Loix du Monde Physique et du Monde Moral (bahasa Inggris: The System of Nature or, the Laws of the Moral and Physical World) adalah karya filsafat Paul Henri Thiry, Baron d'Holbach (1723-1789). Buku ini awalnya diterbitkan atas nama Jean-Baptiste de Mirabaud. Proses pembuatan dan penerbitan buku ini kemungkinan dibantu oleh Diderot.[1]

Dalam buku ini, Baron d'Holbach menggambarkan jagad raya dalam paham materialisme filsafat.[2]

Pada saat diterbitkan, buku ini dianggap sangat radikal. Teolog Nicolas-Sylvestre Bergier dalam karyanya Examen du matérialisme menyangkal buku ini. Voltaire juga menyangkal filsafat Baron d'Holbach dalam Système.


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  2. ^ System of Nature Vol. 1, Chap XI "Of the System of Man's free agency": "In despite of the gratuitous ideas which man has formed to himself on his pretended free-agency; in defiance of the illusions of this suppose intimate sense, which, contrary to his experience, persuades him that he is master of his will, -- all his institutions are really founded upon necessity: on this, as on a variety of other occasions, practice throws aside speculation."

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