The Right Time (album Bosson)

The Right Time adalah album studio pertama penyanyi asal Swedia, Bosson. Album ini dirilis pada tahun 1998 di bawah label MNW dan BAM.

The Right Time
The Right Time (Bosson album).jpg
Album studio karya Bosson
GenrePop, Dance-pop
Kronologi Bosson
The Right Time
One in a Million
(2001)One in a Million2001

Daftar laguSunting

No. Judul Durasi
1. "Love Has Got the Power"   3:52
2. "Baby Don't Cry"   4:08
3. "Right Time"   3:28
4. "Always on My Mind"   5:15
5. "It's Over Now"   5:31
6. "We Live"   3:47
7. "Is It Love"   3:46
8. "Radio Interlude"   0:12
9. "On the Radio"   3:42
10. "I Love You"   4:01
11. "When You Touch My Hand"   4:08
12. "Something to Believe In"   3:47
13. "Happy"   3:25
Durasi total:


Baby Don't Cry

  1. Baby Don't Cry (Radio Edit)
  2. Baby Don't Cry (Extended Version)
  3. Baby Don't Cry (Da Bump Remix)
  4. Baby Don't Cry (Hard House Dub)

We Live

  1. We Live (Radio Mix)
  2. We Live (Album Mix)
  3. We Live (Extended Album Mix)
  4. We Live (Engines Garage Mix)

Right Time

  1. Right Time
  2. Right Time (Extended)
  3. Right Time (Random Plaztic Mix, Short Version)
  4. Right Time (Random Plaztic Mix, Long Version)