The Betrayed merupakan album keempat Lostprophets. Dirilis melalui Visible Through dan Sony Music Entertainment pada 13 Januari 2010. Singlenya mencakup: "It's Not the End of the World, But I Can See It from Here", "Where We Belong" and "For He's a Jolly Good Felon".

The Betrayed
The Betrayed.jpg
Album studio karya Lostprophets
Dirilis13 Januari 2010 (2010-1-13)
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DirekamNovember 2008–May 2009 at Sunset Sound, Kingsize Soundlabs, The Cockpit and Stuart Richardson's home, Los Angeles
GenreAlternative rock, alternative metal
Durasi47:01 (Worldwide)
1:09:32 (Korean / Japanese edition)
LabelVisible Noise (UK)
Sony Music (US)
ProduserStuart Richardson & Justin Hopfer
Kronologi Lostprophets
Liberation Transmission
(2006)Liberation Transmission2006
The Betrayed
Singel dalam album The Betrayed
  1. "It's Not the End of the World But I Can See It from Here"
    Dirilis: 12 Oktober 2009
  2. "Where We Belong"
    Dirilis: 4 Januari 2010
  3. "For He's a Jolly Good Felon [1]"
    Dirilis: 12 April 2010
  4. "A Better Nothing"
    Dirilis: Juni 2010
Korean / Japanese Edition
Korean / Japanese Edition

Daftar Lagu

Semua lagu oleh Lostprophets kecuali "It's Not the End of the World, But I Can See It from Here", oleh Lostprophets dan Ilan Rubin. Semua lirik oleh Ian Watkins kecuali "Sunshine", Semua lirik oleh Ian Watkins dan Aled Phillips.

Daftar laguSunting

  1. "If It Wasn't For Hate, We'd Be Dead By Now" 2:19
  2. "Dstryr/Dstryr" 4:29
  3. "It's Not The End Of The World, But I Can See It From Here" 4:19
  4. "Where We Belong" 4:37
  5. "Next Stop, Atro City" 3:02
  6. "For He's A Jolly Good Felon" 4:41
  7. "A Better Nothing" 4:45
  8. "Streets Of Nowhere" 3:26
  9. "Dirty Little Heart" 5:42
  10. "Darkest Blue" 3:51
  11. "The Light That Burns Twice As Bright..." 5:52