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Ini dokumennya TemplateData untuk template ini digunakan oleh VisualEditor dan alat lainnya; lihat laporan penggunaan parameter bulanan untuk templat ini.

TemplateData untuk Pengguna Discord

A userbox to indicate that a user chats on Discord.

Parameter templat


Your Discord account name.

Category Disablednocat

This page will not be added to the category "Wikipedians who use Discord" if this parameter is set to "true" (without the quotation marks).



This template automatically categorizes user pages where it is transcluded into Category:Wikipedians who use Discord.

  • User pages will not be categorized if the |nocat=yes parameter is used.

To add yourself to Category:Wikipedians who use Discord without using the userbox, add this to your user page:

[[Category:Wikipedians who use Discord|{{subst:PAGENAME}}]]

Note: In keeping with the userboxes and user categories guidelines, and to avoid category pollution, this template employs <includeonly> tags and conditional code to avoid automatically including any page other than a user page into the user category. This template will only categorize user pages where it is transcluded, and will not categorize pages in any other namespace.

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