Romuald (bahasa Latin: Romualdus; skt. 951 – secara tradisional 19 Juni, skt. 1025/27 M)[1] merupakan pendiri ordo Camaldolese dan seorang tokoh utama dalam "Renaisans pertapaan Eremit" dari abad kesebelas.[2]

Santo Romualdus
Lahirskt. 951
Meninggal19 Juni 1027
Val di Castro
Dihormati diGereja Ortodoks Timur
Gereja Katolik Roma
Pesta19 Juni
7 Februari (1595–1969)


  1. ^ The traditional year of his death, given as 1027, rests entirely on testimony by Guido Grandi (died 1742), a hagiographical forger, who stated that he had seen the date in documents: see Tabacco 1942, preface:liv.
  2. ^ John Howe, "The Awesome Hermit: The Symbolic Significance of the Hermit as a Possible Research Perspective", Numen 30.1 (July 1983:106-119) p 106, noting Ernst Werner, Pauperi Christi: Studien zu socialreligiosen Bewegungen in Zeitalter des ersten Kreuzzuges (Leipzig) 1956; Howe also notes the contemporary examples of Peter the Hermit, leader of a crusade; Norbert of Xanten, founder of the Praemostratensians, and Henry of Lausanne, declared a heretic.

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