Na Young-hee

pemeran asal Korea Selatan

Na Young-hee (lahir 20 September 1961) adalah aktris asal Korea Selatan. Na lahir di Boeun, Provinsi Chungcheong Utara, Korea Selatan.[1]

Na Young-hee
Lahir20 September 1961 (umur 62)
Boeun, Korea Selatan
Tahun aktif1981–sekarang
AgenL&Holdings (Star Camp 202)
Nama Korea
Alih AksaraNa Yeong-hui
McCune–ReischauerNa Yŏnghŭi
Nama lahir
Alih AksaraBang Suk-hui
McCune–ReischauerPang Sukhŭi

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Film sunting

*Note; the whole list is referenced.[2]

Year Title Role Notes
1981 Children of Darkness Part 1, Young-ae the Songstress
1982 Come Unto Down
1982 Ardent Love
1982 A Night's Heaven
1982 Sea Gull, Don't Fly Away
1982 Woman of Fire '82
1983 Crying in a Butterfly's Embrace
1983 The Flower at the Equator
1983 As Firm As A Stone
1983 Rose Woman
1983 A Woman's Outing
1984 The Last Day of That Summer
1984 Woman Who Grabbed The Rod
1984 Deer Hunting
1985 When You Least Expect It
1985 Riding the Moonlight
1985 It Happened At Night
1986 With Her Eyes and Body
1986 Hero's Love Song
1986 Closer, Further Closer
1987 Janus' Lady of Fire
1987 0.917
1987 Eve's Second Bedroom
1988 Don Quixote on Asphalt
1988 Prostitution
1988 The Lady in the Wall
1988 Naked
1989 Prostitution 2
1989 The Report of the Daughter-in-law's Rice Flower
1994 Mom, the Star and the Sea Anemone
2000 Mission Baraba
2008 Hello, Schoolgirl Soo-young's mother Cameo
2012 Horror Stories Lady Jang Segment "Secret Recipe"
2017 Forgotten

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