Mary Astor (3 Mei 1906 – 25 September 1987) merupakan seorang aktris berkebangsaan Amerika Serikat yang memenangkan Academy Award. Dia dilahirkan di Quincy, Illinois. Dia berkarier di dunia film sejak tahun 1920.

Mary Astor
Astor pada tahun 1930an
Informasi pribadi
Lahir3 Mei 1906
Quincy, Illinois, Amerika Serikat
Meninggal25 September 1987(1987-09-25) (umur 81)
Woodland Hills, California, Amerika Serikat
Suami/istriKenneth Hawks (1928-1930 (meninggal))
Franklin Thorpe (1931-cerai 1936)
Manuel del Campo (1936-cerai 1941)
Thomas Gordon Wheelock (1945-cerai 1955)
ProfesiAktris (1920-1964)
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1920-an sunting

1921 1 Wings of the Border Bit Part[1]
2 The Beggar Maid Peasant Girl / Beggar Maid[1]
3 My Lady o' the Pines Bit Part[1]
4 Sentimental Tommy Bit Part[2]
5 Brother of the Bear Bit Part[1]
6 The Bashful Suitor Bit Part[1]
7 Bullets or Ballots Bit Part[1]
1922 8 The Rapids Elsie Worden[1]
9 The Man Who Played God Young Woman
10 Hope Hope
11 John Smith Irene Mason
12 The Young Painter Bit Part[1]
13 The Angelus Bit Part[1]
1923 14 To the Ladies Bit Part[1]
15 Woman-Proof Violet Lynwood
16 The Marriage Maker Vivian Hope-Clarke
17 Puritan Passions Rachel
18 The Bright Shawl Narcissa Escobar
19 Success Rose Randolph
20 Second Fiddle Polly Crawford
1924 21 Inez from Hollywood Fay Bartholdi
22 The Price of a Party Alice Barrows
23 Unguarded Women Helen Castle
24 The Fighting American Mary O'Mallory
25 Beau Brummel Lady Margery Alvanley
26 The Fighting Coward Lucy
1925 27 Scarlet Saint Fidele Tridon
28 The Pace That Thrills Doris
29 Don Q Son of Zorro Dolores de Muro
30 Playing with Souls Margo
31 Enticement Leonore Bewlay
32 Oh, Doctor! Dolores Hicks
1926 33 Forever After Jennie Clayton
34 Don Juan Adriana della Varnese
35 The Wise Guy Mary
36 High Steppers Audrey Nye
1927 37 No Place to Go Sally Montgomery
38 The Rough Riders Dolly
39 Rose of the Golden West Elena
40 Two Arabian Knights Mirza
41 The Sunset Derby Molly Gibson
42 The Sea Tiger Amy Cortissos
1928 43 Romance of the Underworld Judith Andrews
44 Dry Martini Elizabeth Quimby
45 Heart to Heart Princess Delatorre/Ellen Guthrie
46 Three-Ring Marriage Anna
47 Dressed to Kill Jeanne
48 Sailors' Wives Carol Trent
1929 49 The Woman from Hell Dee Renaud
50 New Year's Eve Marjorie Ware

1930-an sunting

1930 51 The Lash Rosita Garcia
52 Holiday Julia Seton
53 Ladies Love Brutes Mimi Howell
54 The Runaway Bride Mary Gray, AKA Sally Fairchild
1931 55 Men of Chance Martha Silk
56 Smart Woman Mrs. Nancy Gibson
57 White Shoulders Norma Selbee
58 The Sin Ship Frisco Kitty
59 Behind Office Doors Mary Linden
60 Other Men's Women Lily Kulper
61 The Royal Bed Princess Anne
1932 62 Red Dust Barbara Willis
63 A Successful Calamity Emmy 'Sweetie' Wilton
64 Those We Love May Ballard
65 The Lost Squadron Follette Marsh
1933 66 Convention City Arlene Dale
67 The World Changes Virginia 'Ginny' Clafflin Nordholm
68 The Kennel Murder Case Hilda Lake
69 Jennie Gerhardt Letty Pace
70 The Little Giant Ruth Wayburn
1934 71 I Am a Thief Odette Mauclair
72 The Case of the Howling Dog Bessie Foley
73 The Man with Two Faces Jessica Wells
74 Return of the Terror Olga Morgan
75 Upperworld Mrs. Hettie Stream
76 Easy to Love Charlotte Hopkins
1935 77 Man of Iron Vida
78 Red Hot Tires Patricia Sanford
79 Page Miss Glory Gladys Russell
80 Dinky Mrs. Martha Daniels
81 Straight from the Heart Marian Henshaw
82 Lady from Nowhere Polly
1936 83 Dodsworth Mrs. Edith Cortright
84 Trapped by Television Barbara 'Bobby' Blake
85 And So They Were Married Edith Farnham
86 The Murder of Dr. Harrigan Lillian Cooper
1937 87 The Hurricane Madame Germaine De Laage
88 The Prisoner of Zenda Antoinette de Mauban
1938 89 Listen, Darling Mrs. Dorothy 'Dottie' Wingate
90 Woman Against Woman Cynthia Holland
91 There's Always a Woman Lola Fraser
92 Paradise for Three Mrs. Irene Mallebre
93 No Time to Marry Kay McGowan
1939 94 Midnight Helene Flammarion

1940-an sunting

1940 95 Brigham Young Mary Ann Young
96 Turnabout Marion Manning
1941 97 The Maltese Falcon Brigid O'Shaughnessy
98 The Great Lie Sandra Kovak
1942 99 The Palm Beach Story The Princess Centimillia
100 Across the Pacific Alberta Marlow
1943 101 Thousands Cheer Hyllary Jones
102 Young Ideas Josephine 'Jo' Evans
1944 103 Blonde Fever Delilah Donay
104 Meet Me in St. Louis Mrs. Anna Smith
1946 105 Claudia and David Elizabeth Van Doren
1947 106 Cass Timberlane Queenie Havock
107 Cynthia Louise Bishop
108 Desert Fury Fritzi Haller
109 Fiesta Señora Morales
1948 110 Act of Violence Pat
1949 111 Any Number Can Play Ada
112 Little Women Marmee

1950-an / 1960-an sunting

1956 113 The Power and the Prize Mrs. George Salt
114 A Kiss Before Dying Mrs. Corliss
1957 115 The Devil's Hairpin Mrs. Jargin
1958 116 This Happy Feeling Mrs. Tremaine
1959 117 A Stranger in My Arms Virgily Beasley
1961 118 Return to Peyton Place Mrs. Roberta Carter
1964 119 Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte Mrs. Jewel Mayhew
120 Youngblood Hawke Irene Perry

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