Liu Siqi (Hanzi: 刘思齐; 2 Maret 1930 – 7 Januari 2022), juga dikenal dengan Liu Songlin (刘松林), adalah istri Mao Anying, anak sulung Mao Zedong.[1][2][3]

Liu Siqi
Mao Anying dan istrinya Liu Songlin pada tahun 1949
Nama asal刘思齐
Lahir(1930-03-02)2 Maret 1930
Hubei, Tiongkok
Meninggal7 Januari 2022(2022-01-07) (umur 91)
Beijing, Tiongkok
AlmamaterUniversitas Negeri Moskwa
Universitas Peking
Partai politikPartai Komunis Tiongkok
(m. 1949; meninggal 1950)

Yang Maozhi
(m. 1962; her death 2022)
Orang tuaLiu Qianchu
Zhang Wenqiu [zh]
KerabatShao Hua (adik)
Mao Zedong
Liu Siqi
Hanzi tradisional:
Hanzi sederhana:
Liu Songlin
Hanzi tradisional:
Hanzi sederhana:



Liu lahir pada 2 Maret 1930 di Hubei, Tiongkok dari pasangan Liu Qianchu (刘谦初), seorang martir komunis yang dibunuh oleh Kuomintang pada 5 April 1931, dan Zhang Wenqiu [zh], seorang anggota Partai Komunis Tiongkok.[1][2][3] Her name "Siqi" (思齐) means "missing Shandong" (思念齐鲁).[1][2] She had two half sisters, Shao Hua and Zhang Shaolin (张少林).[2] In 1938, she was accepted as a goddaughter by Mao Zedong in Yan'an, Shaanxi.[1][2] In 1939, Liu went to the Soviet Union with her family. When they passed Xinjiang, they were detained by warlord Sheng Shicai and spent eight years in prison. In 1946, under the mediation of Zhou Enlai, she returned to Yan'an, where she met Mao Anying, the first son of Mao Zedong.[1][2][3] In May 1948, they became lovers in Xibaipo and got married at Zhongnanhai, in Beijing, on 15 October 1949.[1][2][3] In November 1950, Mao Anying died in an air raid by the U.S.-ROK coalition forces in the Korean War.[2] In 1955, she pursued advanced studies at Moscow State University.[2] In 1957, she returned to China and studied Russian language and literature at Peking University. In early 1962, she remarried to Yang Maozhi (杨茂之), a faculty member of the PLA Air Force Academy (now PLA Air Force Command College [zh]).[1][3] They had two sons and two daughters.[1][2][3] On 7 January 2022, she died in Beijing, aged 91.[1][2][3]


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