Lewis Black

pemeran laki-laki asal Amerika Serikat
Lewis Black

Lewis Niles Black[1] (lahir 30 Agustus 1948; umur 71 tahun)[2] adalah seorang komedian tunggal, pengarang, pembuat drama, kritikus sosial dan pemeran asal Amerika. Ia memandu serial Comedy Central Lewis Black's Root of All Evil dan giat tampil dalam The Daily Show with Jon Stewart pada segmen komentar "Back in Black".


  1. ^ Elkin, Michael (May 29, 2008). "Black, White-Hot and Read All Over". Jewish Exponent. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. hlm. 35. Giving the devil his due? No, says Black, it's due to Judaism that he feels as good as he does. 'Without it, I would have been in a lot of trouble,' concedes the Washington-born Lewis Niles Black, who forged his persona crossing the river and wading through childhood in Silver Spring, Md. 
  2. ^ Cavna, Michael (September 23, 2012). "Lewis Black: All the World's a Rage". The Washington Post. hlm. A6. 

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