John Keats

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John Keats (lahir di London, Inggris, 31 Oktober 1795 – meninggal di Roma, Itali, 23 Februari 1821 pada umur 25 tahun) adalah seorang penyair Inggris aliran Romantisisme.[1]

John Keats
Lukisan John Keats oleh William Hilton
Lukisan John Keats oleh William Hilton
PekerjaanPenyair, Asisten Ahli Bedah
PasanganFrances "Fanny" Brawne (tunangan)

Tanda tangan

Beberapa puisi karyanya antara lain:

  1. When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be[2]
  2. Ode To A Nightingale[2][3]
  3. To Autumn[2][3]
  4. To Hope[2]
  5. Ode To Psyche[2]
  6. On The Grasshopper And Cricket[2]
  7. Ode On A Grecian Urn[2]
  8. On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer[2]
  9. La Belle Dame Sans Merci[2][3]
  10. On The Sea[2]
  11. To Sleep[2]
  12. To Solitude[2]
  13. The Human Seasons[2]
  14. On Leaving Some Friends At An Early Hour[2]
  15. In Drear-Nighted December[2]
  16. Ode On Melancholy[2]
  17. Hyperion[2]
  18. To My Brother George[2]
  19. The Eve Of St. Agnes[2]
  20. Lines[2]
  21. To Fanny Brawne[3]


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