John Keats

dokter asal Britania Raya

John Keats (31 Oktober 1795 – 23 Februari 1821) adalah seorang penyair Inggris aliran Romantisisme.[1]

John Keats
Lukisan John Keats oleh William Hilton
Lukisan John Keats oleh William Hilton
PekerjaanPenyair, Asisten Ahli Bedah
Aliran sastraRomantisisme
PasanganFrances "Fanny" Brawne (tunangan)
Tanda tangan

Beberapa puisi karyanya antara lain:

  1. When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be[2]
  2. Ode To A Nightingale[2][3]
  3. To Autumn[2][3]
  4. To Hope[2]
  5. Ode To Psyche[2]
  6. On The Grasshopper And Cricket[2]
  7. Ode On A Grecian Urn[2]
  8. On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer[2]
  9. La Belle Dame Sans Merci[2][3]
  10. On The Sea[2]
  11. To Sleep[2]
  12. To Solitude[2]
  13. The Human Seasons[2]
  14. On Leaving Some Friends At An Early Hour[2]
  15. In Drear-Nighted December[2]
  16. Ode On Melancholy[2]
  17. Hyperion[2]
  18. To My Brother George[2]
  19. The Eve Of St. Agnes[2]
  20. Lines[2]
  21. To Fanny Brawne[3]


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