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{{Infobox Country |country
|micronation = <!--yes if a micronation-->
common_name = Swedia |conventional_long_name=Kerajaan Swedia|
|conventional_long_name =Kerajaan Swedia <!--Formal or official full name of the country in English-->
native_name = ''Konungariket Sverige'' |
|native_name =''Konungariket Sverige'' <!--Country's name (usually full name) in its native language, hence in italics (double quotemarks)-->
image_flag = Flag of Sweden.svg |
|common_name =Swedia <!--Common name in English (used for wikilinks and to produce a default iso3166 code)-->
image_coat = Coat of Arms of Sweden.svg |
|status = <!--Status of country, especially useful for micronations-->
national_motto = tidak ada<sup>1</sup> |
|image_flag =Flag of Sweden.svg <!--e.g. Flag of country.svg-->
image_map = EU-Sweden.svg|map_caption= Lokasi Swedia (hijau tua) dalam [[Uni Eropa]] (hijau muda).|
|alt_flag = <!--alt text for flag (text shown when pointer hovers over flag)-->
official_languages = swedia
|flag_border = <!--set to no to disable border around the flag-->
national_anthem = ''[[Du gamla, Du fria]]''{{br}}([[bahasa Swedia]]: "Engkau yang Tua, Engkau yang Bebas") |
|flag_footnote = <!--optional reference or footnote for the flag caption-->
government_type = [[Monarki konstitusional]] <br /> [[Demokrasi]] [[Sistem parlementer|parlementer]] |
|image_flag2 = <!--e.g. Second-flag of country.svg-->
leader_title1 = [[Raja Swedia|Raja]] |
|alt_flag2 = <!--alt text for second flag-->
leader_title2 = [[Perdana Menteri Swedia|Perdana Menteri]] |
|flag2_border = <!--set to no to disable border around the flag-->
leader_name1 = [[Carl XVI Gustaf dari Swedia|Carl XVI Gustaf]] |
|image_coat =Coat of Arms of Sweden.svg <!--e.g. Coat of arms of country.svg-->
leader_name2 = [[Fredrik Reinfeldt]] |
|alt_coat = <!--alt text for coat of arms-->
capital = [[Stockholm]] |
|symbol_type = <!--emblem, seal, etc (if not a coat of arms)-->
capitals_coordinates = [http://kvaleberg.com/extensions/mapsources/index.php?params=59_21_N_18_4_E_type:city 59°21′ LU 18°4′ BT] |
|symbol_footnote = <!--optional reference or footnote for the symbol caption-->
largest_city = [[Stockholm]] |
|national_motto =(''[[Kerajaan]]'')''För Sverige – i tiden''<br />Untuk Swedia dalam Waktu <!--in inverted commas and wikilinked if link exists-->
sovereignty_type = [[Konsolidasi Swedia|Konsolidasi]] |
|englishmotto = <!--English language version of motto-->
established_events = |
|national_anthem =''[[Du gamla, Du fria]]''{{br}}Engkau yang Tua, Engkau yang Bebas <!--in inverted commas and wikilinked if link exists-->
established_dates = abad ke-[[abad ke-10|10]] - [[abad ke-13|13]] |
|royal_anthem =''Kungssången''<br />Lagu untuk Raja <!--in inverted commas and wikilinked if link exists-->
area = 449.964 |
|other_symbol_type = <!--Use if a further symbol exists, e.g. hymn-->
area_rank = 57 |
|other_symbol =
percent_water = 8,7% |
|image_map =EU-Sweden.svg <!--e.g. LocationCountry.svg-->
population_estimate = |
|loctext = <!--text description of location of country-->
population_estimate_year = |
|alt_map = <!--alt text for map-->
population_estimate_rank = 88 |
|map_caption =Lokasi Swedia (hijau tua) dalam [[Uni Eropa]] (hijau muda) <!--Caption to place below map-->
population_census = 9.555.893 |
|image_map2 = <!--Another map, if required-->
population_census_year = 2012 |
|alt_map2 = <!--alt text for second map-->
population_density = 20,6 |
|map_caption2 = <!--Caption to place below second map-->
population_density_rank = 195 |
|capital =[[Stockholm]] <!--Name of country/territory's capital, wikilinked if link exists-->
GDP_PPP_year = 2013 |
|capital2 = <!--Name of country/territory's capital, wikilinked if link exists-->
GDP_PPP = $393,774 miliar |
|latd=| latm= | latNS=|longd=|longm=|longEW= <!--capital's latitude and longitude in degrees/minutes/direction-->
GDP_PPP_rank = 34 |
|largest_city =[[Stockholm]]<br/ >
GDP_PPP_per_capita = $40.870 |
|largest_settlement_type = <!--Type of settlement if largest settlement not a city-->
GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank = 14 |
|largest_settlement = <!--Name of largest settlement-->
currency = [[Krona Swedia]] |
|official_languages =[[Bahasa Swedia]] <!--Languages recognised in legislation, constitution, etc-->
currency_code = SEK |
|national_languages = <!--Country/territory-wide languages recognised but not necessarily in country/territory-wide law, etc-->
time_zone = [[CET]] |
|regional_languages = <!--Languages recognised or associated with particular regions within the country/territory-->
utc_offset = +1 |
|languages_type = <!--Use to specify a further type of language, if not official, national or regional-->
time_zone_DST = [[CEST]] |
|languages = <!--Languages of the further type-->
utc_offset_DST = +2 |
|languages_sub = <!--Is this further type of language a sub-item of the previous non-sub type? ("yes" or "no")-->
calling_code = 46 |
|languages2_type = <!--Another further type of language-->
cctld = .se |
|languages2 = <!--Languages of this second further type-->
footnotes = <sup>1</sup> För Sverige i tiden ([[bahasa Indonesia]]: ''Untuk Swedia; sepanjang masa'') digunakan Carl XVI Gustaf sebagai motto pribadinya dalam tugasnya sebagai raja Swedia.
|languages2_sub = <!--Is the second alternative type of languages a sub-item of the previous non-sub type? ("yes" or "no")-->
<sup>2</sup> [[Bahasa Swedia]] adalah bahasa nasional ''de facto'' Swedia.
|ethnic_groups =tidak ada statistik resmi <!--List/breakdown of ethnic groups within the country/territory-->
|ethnic_groups_year = <!--Year of ethnic groups data (if provided) or use to place a <ref>-->
|nationalities = <!--List/breakdown of nationalities within the country/territory-->
|religion = <!--Religion-->
|demonym = <!--Term/s describing those associated with the country/territory (e.g. "Belgian" for the country Belgium)-->
|government_type =[[Monarki Konstitusional]]<br />[[Demokrasi]] [[Sistem parlementer|Parlementer]] <!--(often a compound multi-wikilinked term, e.g. "Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic", etc)-->
|leader_title1 =[[Raja Swedia|Raja]] <!--(for a country, usually the head of state's (wikilinked) title, e.g. "President", "Monarch")-->
|leader_name1 =[[Carl XVI Gustaf dari Swedia|Carl XVI Gustaf]]
|leader_title2 =[[Perdana Menteri]] <!--(could be "Vice President", otherwise "Prime Minster", etc, etc)-->
|leader_name2 =[[Fredrik Reinfeldt]]
|leader_title6 = <!--(up to six distinct leaders may be included)-->
|leader_name6 =
|legislature =[[Parlemen]] <!--Name of the country/territory's governing body, e.g. "Parliament", "Congress", etc-->
|upper_house = <!--Name of governing body's upper house, if given (e.g. "Senate")-->
|lower_house = <!--Name of governing body's lower house, if given (e.g. "Chamber of Deputies")-->
|sovereignty_type = <!--Brief description of country/territory's status ("Independence [from...]", "Autonomous province [of...]", etc)-->
|sovereignty_note =
|established_event1 = <!--First key event in history of country/territory's status or formation-->
|established_date1 = abad ke [[10]]-[[13]] <!--Date of first key event-->
|established_event2 = <!--Second key event-->
|established_date2 = <!--Date of second key event-->
|established_event9 = <!--(up to nine distinct events may be included)-->
|established_date9 =
|area_rank =
|area_magnitude =
|area = [[449]].[[964]] <!--Major area size (in [[Template:convert]] either km2 or sqmi first)-->
|area_km2 = [[449]].[[964]] <!--Major area size (in square km)-->
|area_sq_mi = <!--Area in square mi (requires area_km2)-->
|area_footnote = <!--Optional footnote for area-->
|percent_water = 8.7
|area_label = Total <!--Label under "Area" (default is "Total")-->
|area_label2 = <!--Label below area_label (optional)-->
|area_data2 = <!--Text after area_label2 (optional)-->
|population_estimate = 9,801,616
|population_estimate_rank =
|population_estimate_year = [[Juli 2015]]
|population_census = 9,658,301
|population_census_year = [[2013]]
|population_density_km2 = 21.5
|population_density_sq_mi = 55.6
|nummembers = <!--An alternative to population for micronation-->
|GDP_PPP = $464.264 billion<ref>http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2015/01/weodata/weorept.aspx?sy=2013&ey=2020&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&pr1.x=50&pr1.y=12&c=144&s=NGDPD%2CNGDPDPC%2CPPPGDP%2CPPPPC&grp=0&a=</ref> <!--(Gross Domestic Product from Purchasing Power Parity)-->
|GDP_PPP_rank =
|GDP_PPP_year = [[2015]]
|GDP_PPP_per_capita = $47,229<ref>http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2015/01/weodata/weorept.aspx?sy=2013&ey=2020&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&pr1.x=50&pr1.y=12&c=144&s=NGDPD%2CNGDPDPC%2CPPPGDP%2CPPPPC&grp=0&a=</ref>
|GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank =
|GDP_nominal = $487.396 billion
|GDP_nominal_rank =
|GDP_nominal_year = [[2015]]
|GDP_nominal_per_capita = $49,582
|GDP_nominal_per_capita_rank =
|Gini = 24.9 <!--(Gini measure of income inequality; input number only; valid values are between 0 and 100)-->
|Gini_ref = <!--(for any ref/s to associate with Gini number)-->
|Gini_rank =rendah
|Gini_year =[[2012]]
|HDI_year =[[2013]] <!-- Please use the year to which the data refers, not the publication year-->
|HDI = 0.898 <!--(Human Development Index; input number only; valid values are between 0 and 1)-->
|HDI_change = <!--increase/decrease/steady; rank change from previous year-->
|HDI_rank = sangat tinggi
|HDI_ref = <!--(for any ref/s to associate with HDI number)-->
|currency =[[Krona Swedia]] ([[Krona Swedia|SEK]]) <!--Name/s of currency/ies used in country/territory-->
|currency_code = <!--ISO 4217 code/s for currency/ies (each usually three capital letters)-->
|time_zone =[[Waktu Eropa Tengah|CET]] <!--e.g. GMT, PST, AST, etc, etc (wikilinked if possible)-->
|utc_offset = +1 <!--in the form "+N", where N is number of hours offset-->
|time_zone_DST =[[Waktu Musim Panas Eropa Tengah|CEST]] <!--Link to DST (Daylight Saving Time) used, otherwise leave empty-->
|utc_offset_DST =+2 <!--in the form "+N", where N is number of hours offset-->
|DST_note = <!--Optional note regarding DST use-->
|antipodes = <!--Place/s exactly on the opposite side of the world to country/territory-->
|date_format =yyy-mm-dd <!--numeric dates (dd-mm-yyyy, yyyy.mm.dd, etc) plus era (CE, AD, AH, etc)-->
|drives_on = kanan <!--"right" or "left" (side of road)-->
|cctld =[[.se]] <!--Internet country code top-level domain identifier (e.g. [[.br]], [[.de]], etc)
|iso3166code =SE <!--Use to override default from common_name parameter above; omit using "omit".-->
|calling_code = [[46]] <!--e.g. [[+1]], [[+531]], [[+44]], etc-->
|image_map3 = <!--Optional third map position, e.g. for use with reference to footnotes below it-->
|alt_map3 = <!--alt text for third map position-->
|footnote_a = <!--For any footnote <sup>a</sup> used above-->
|footnote_b = <!--For any footnote <sup>b</sup> used above-->
|footnote_h = <!--For any footnote <sup>h</sup> used above-->
|footnotes = <!--For any generic non-numbered footnotes-->
'''Kerajaan Swedia''' atau ''Konungariket Sverige'' dalam [[Bahasa Swedia]] adalah sebuah [[negara Nordik]] di [[Skandinavia]], [[Eropa]] yang [[ibukota]]nya adalah [[Stockholm]]. Negara ini berbatasan dengan [[Norwegia]] di barat dan [[Finlandia]] di timur laut, Selat [[Skagerrak]] dan Selat [[Kattegat]] di barat daya, serta [[Laut Baltik]] dan [[Teluk Bothnia]] di timur.