Bandar Udara Internasional Shah Amanat: Perbedaan revisi

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|[[United Airways]]|Dhaka
File:ShahAmanatATC.JPG|The Air traffic control tower and building of the airport (front view)
File:ShahAmanatAirport-03.jpg|The Air traffic control tower and building of the airport (back view)
File:ShahAmanatParking.JPG|One of Shah Amanat Airport's aircraft parking points. This point is suitable for [[Airbus A300|A300s]], [[Boeing 747|747s]] and [[McDonnell Douglas DC-10|DC-10s]].
File:GMGMD-82.JPG|A GMG Airlines MD-82 parked at the airport
File:FokkeratShahAmanat.JPG|A private Fokker F27 parked at Shah Amanat Airport
Image:ShahAmanatTarmac.jpg|The 'sleepy' tarmac of the Airport and one of the two boarding bridges.
File:UAbeforeboarding.JPG|An United Airways Dash 8 heading for Dhaka before boarding.
Image:GMGtakeoffShahAmanatairport.JPG|A GMG Airlines Dash 8 takes off on a rainy day from the airport.
File:GMGDash8.JPG|A GMG Airlines Dash-8 just before boarding.
File:Draft.JPG|A United Airways Fokker 27.
File:GMGatShahAmant.JPG|A GMG Airlines Dash 8 at Shah Amanat Airport which will fly to Kolkata.
<!-- Deleted image removed: File:Shah Amanat Airport, Satelite.jpg|A satellite view of the airport -->