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'''Invasi Britania''' (bahasa Inggris: ''British Invasion'') merupakan sebuah istilah yang digunakan oleh warga [[Amerika Serikat]] untuk menggambarkan banyaknya penyanyi [[rock]], [[pop]] dan [[band]] asal [[Britania Raya]] yang populer di Amerika Serikat selama tahun 1960-an dan 1980-an.<ref>{{cite web|author=Ira A. Robbins |url= |title=British Invasion (music) - Britannica Online Encyclopedia | |date= |accessdate=2011-01-18}}</ref>
==Invasi gelombang pertama (1964-1966)==
==Latar belakang==
*[[The Animals]]
==Invasi gelombang pertama==
*[[The Beatles]]
Invasi gelombang kedua==
*[[Cilla Black]]
Invasi gelombang ketiga==
*[[Chad & Jeremy]]
*[[The Dave Clark Five]]
*[[Petula Clark]]
*[[The Spencer Davis Group]]
*[[Marianne Faithfull]]
*[[Georgie Fame]]<ref>[ Geogie Fame Allmusic bio]</ref>
*[[Wayne Fontana|Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders]]
*[[The Fortunes]]
*[[Freddie and the Dreamers]]
*[[Gerry & the Pacemakers]]
*[[Herman's Hermits]]
*[[The Hollies]]
*[[The Honeycombs]]
*[[The Hullaballoos]]
*[[Tom Jones (singer)|Tom Jones]]
*[[Jonathan King]]<ref>[ Jonathan King Allmusic bio] "With a "Ferry Cross the Mersey" type beat and string section"</ref>
*[[The Kinks]]
*[[Billy J. Kramer|Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas]]
*[[Lulu (singer)|Lulu]]
*[[Manfred Mann]]
*[[The Moody Blues]]
*[[The Nashville Teens]]
*[[Peter and Gordon]]
*[[The Pretty Things]]
*[[The Rolling Stones]]
*[[The Searchers (band)|The Searchers]]
*[[Small Faces]]
*[[Dusty Springfield]]
*[[The Swinging Blue Jeans]]
*[[Them (band)|Them]]
*[[The Tremeloes]]
*[[The Troggs]]
*[[Ian Whitcomb]]
*[[The Who]]
*[[The Yardbirds]]
*[[The Zombies]]
==Invasi gelombang kedua (1980-an)==
*[[Elvis Costello]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard>[,8995145&dq=squeeze+second-british-invasion&hl=en Culture Club, Duran Duran Police lead Second Invasion Scripps-Howard News reprinted by The Pittsburgh Press October 31, 1984]</ref>
*[[ Level 42]]
*[[The Police]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[Pretenders (band)|The Pretenders]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[Nick Lowe]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/><ref>[ The Rocker Who Aged Gracefully The Wall Street Journal]</ref>
*[[Gary Numan]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[Squeeze (band)|Squeeze]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
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*[[ABC (band)|ABC]]<ref name=Reynolds>[[Simon Reynolds]], ''Rip It Up and Start Again Postpunk 1978-1984'', pp. 340, 342-3.</ref>
*[[Adam and the Ants]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[After the Fire]]<ref name=KnightRidder/>
*[[The Alarm]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[Bananarama]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[Belouis Some]]<ref>[ Billboard Magazine July 30, 1994 reprinted by Google Books]</ref>
*[[Bow Wow Wow]]<ref name=KnightRidder>[,2827190&dq=british-invasion&hl=en The Second British Invasion: New Wave now an old ripple Knight-Ridder News service as published by the ''Spokane Chronicle'' August 29, 1986]</ref>
*[[Big Country]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/><ref name=SydneyMorningHerald/>
*[[Bronski Beat]]
*[[The Buggles]]
*[[The Communards]]
*[[Culture Club]]<ref name=Reynolds/><ref name=KnightRidder/><ref name=Frithetal1993/>
*[[The Cure]]
*[[Dead or Alive (band)|Dead or Alive]]
*[[Def Leppard]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[Depeche Mode]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/><ref>[ What a lot of rot about the Sixties ''The Times'' April 17, 2005]</ref>
*[[Dexys Midnight Runners]]<ref name=KnightRidder/>
*[[Thomas Dolby]]<ref name=Frithetal1993>S. Frith, A. Goodwin and L. Grossberg, ''Sound and Vision: the Music Video Reader'' (London: Routledge, 1993), ISBN 0-415-09431-3, p. 41.</ref>
*[[The Dream Academy]]
*[[Duran Duran]]<ref name=Reynolds/><ref name=KnightRidder/><ref name=Frithetal1993/>
*[[Echo & the Bunnymen]]
*[[English Beat]]<ref name=KnightRidder/>
*[[Eurythmics]]<ref name=Reynolds/><ref name=KnightRidder/>
*[[Fastway (band)|Fastway]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[A Flock of Seagulls]]<ref name=Reynolds/>
*[[Frankie Goes to Hollywood]]
*[[The Fixx]]<ref name=KnightRidder/>
*[[Fun Boy Three]]
*[[Gang of Four (band) |Gang of Four]]
*[[General Public]]
*[[Peter Godwin (singer) |Peter Godwin]]
*[[Go West (band) |Go West]]
*[[Eddy Grant]]<ref name=Reynolds/>
*[[Haircut One Hundred]] <ref>[ Remarks crossed through remade the story of R.E.M. by Tony Fletcher republished by Google Books]</ref>
*[[Murray Head]]
*[[Heaven 17]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[The Human League]]<ref name=Reynolds/><ref name=Frithetal1993/>
*[[The Icicle Works]]
*[[Billy Idol]]<ref name=KnightRidder/>
*[[Iron Maiden]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[Howard Jones (musician)|Howard Jones]]
*[[Joy Division]]
*[[Kajagoogoo]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[Katrina and the Waves]]
*[[Nik Kershaw]]
*[[Madness (band)|Madness]]<ref name=Reynolds/>
*[[Modern English (band)|Modern English]]<ref name=KnightRidder/>
*[[Musical Youth]]
*[[Naked Eyes]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[New Order]]
*[[Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark]]
*[[Pet Shop Boys]]
*[[The Psychedelic Furs]]
*[[Scritti Politti]]
*[[Simply Red]]
*[[Simple Minds]]<ref name=SydneyMorningHerald>[,83334&dq=british-invasion&hl=en The Year Popular Music Lost Direction ''Sydney Morning Herald'' January 1, 1985]</ref>
*[[Soft Cell]]<ref name=Greenberg>[ From Comiskey Park to Thriller: The Effect of “Disco Sucks” on Pop] by [[Steve Greenberg (record producer)|Steve Greenberg]] founder and CEO of [[S-Curve Records]] July 10, 2009.</ref>
*[[Spandau Ballet]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[Style Council]]<ref>[,1610055&dq=second-british-invasion&hl=en The Second British Invasion How It Really Happened UPI reprinted by Courier News June 8, 1984]</ref>
*[[Talk Talk]]
*[[Tears for Fears]]
*[[Thompson Twins]]<ref name=Reynolds/><ref name=KnightRidder/><ref name=Frithetal1993/>
*[[Tracey Ullman]]
*[[Ultravox]]<ref name=Scripps-Howard/>
*[[Wang Chung (band)|Wang Chung]]
*[[Wham!]]<ref name=Reynolds/><ref name=SydneyMorningHerald/><ref name=Frithetal1993/>
*[[Kim Wilde]]
*[[Yazoo (band)|Yaz]]
*[[Paul Young (singer and guitarist)|Paul Young]]<ref name=Reynolds/>
==Invasi gelombang ketiga==
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