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He was elected party leader on [[October 25]], [[2003]], succeeding [[Bo Lundgren]]. Under Reinfeldt's leadership the Moderate Party has transformed its policies, branding itself "''the new Moderates''". Following the [[Swedish general election, 2006|2006 election]], held on [[September 17]], Reinfeldt as leader of the largest party with a majority was selected by the outgoing [[Speaker of the Riksdag]] [[Björn von Sydow]] to become [[Prime Minister of Sweden]] and form a [[coalition government]]. Together with three other political parties in the [[Alliance for Sweden]], Reinfeldt presides over a [[centre-right]] coalition government which has the support of a narrow majority in the [[Riksdag|parliament]]. At the age of 41, Reinfeldt is the third youngest person to become Prime Minister of Sweden.-->
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