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|position = [[Penjaga gawang]]|height = {{height|m=1.84}}
|youthyears1 = 1995–1996|youthclubs1 = [[FC Nantes|Nantes]]
|years1=1996–2006|clubs1=[[FC Nantes|Nantes]]|caps1=421|goals1=0
| years = [[1996]]-[[2006]]<br />[[2006]]-present
| clubs years2=2006–2009|clubs2= [[NantesParis Atlantique|Nantes]]<brSaint-Germain />[[F.C.|Paris Saint-Germain]]|caps2=114|goals2=0
|years3=2009–''kini''|clubs3=[[Lille OSC|Lille]]|caps3=66|goals3=0
| caps(goals) = 362 (0){{dubious}}<!---Caps and goal figures above likely contain European cup/Domestic cup data in addition to Domestic League data. Please correct this issue and leave a note [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Alfmaster#Footballers.27_European_goals!!!|here] to warn this person about putting improper information on Wikipedia---> <br />0 (0)
| nationalyears = [[2001]]-
| nationalteam = [[France national football team|France]]