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'''Félix Houphouët-Boigny''' ([[International Phonetic Alphabet|IPA]]: {{IPA|/fe.ˈli(k)s u.ˈfweɪ ˈbwa.ɲi/}}), ({{lahirmati|[[18 OktoberYamoussoukro]], [[1905Pantai Gading]] - |18|10|1905|[[7Pantai DesemberGading]] [[|7|12|1993]]}}) tampil pertama sebagai [[Presiden Pantai Gading|Presiden]] [[Pantai Gading]] (1960 - 1993) dan kemudian memimpin dalam pemerintahan [[Perancis]] pada periode 1957 - 1961.
His name is African spelled with French [[orthography]]; using an English-based one, as in [[Ghana]] or [[Nigeria]], it would likely be spelled ''Ufwe-Bwanyi''.
In 1990, he was elected to his seventh five-year term and, for the first time, with the participation of legal opposition parties. He won with 89% of the vote. At that time, the Ivorian economy had already begun a disastrous slide that would lead the country to declare insolvency in 1997. After that time, he grew increasingly feeble, and died in 1993 after a lengthy illness.
Félix Houphouët-Boigny divorced from his first wife to marry the much younger [[Marie-Therese Houphouet-Boigny]], then dubbed "Africa's Jackie" after the couple visited the Kennedy White House in 1962.<ref>"Reigning Beauties," ''Time'', June 8, 1962.</ref> Félix and Marie-Thérèse had three children together.-->
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