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A LOVE STORY BY MAITREYA. You MUST read. It is SO symbolic. Here it is...
Mario was on vacation with his family. They went to a place with a pool of water. Since he was in a foreign place, Mario stayed close by his family. They went to the market together and had a great time. On vacation, they could stay up late playing games, watching movies, and eating snacks. It was always the BEST time EVER! “I’m in love with this family we’ve created,” the parents said to each other. Mario thought there was nobody who he could love more than his parents.
Then there was PEACH. She was a princess. She always knew how to get what she wanted, and she really wanted MARIO. She knew MARIO. He knew her too, but he always forgot who she was. One thing’s for sure though… whenever you put PEACH and MARIO together, things just seemed to go so much better than when they were apart. They always seemed to find each other, too. The two were destined to be together. Rumor has it they were even babies together.
Anyway, Peach came to the place by the pool of water and made her entrance to enchant Mario, who was away from his family at the time. “Whoa, who are you?” Mario asked. “I’m supposed to be with you. Remember?” Peach said. “We’re supposed to be together?” Mario asked. “No,” Peach replied, “We’re supposed to be GREAT together!” Now the Lord saw the way that Peach and Mario were together and devised a plan. “To be great together,” the Lord interjected, “you must have a great test. But first, you must listen to the dragon. He wishes to test you as well – he wants to see if you are ready or not to be together. You must appease him. Remember… I’ll be watching.”
Now Bowser was a dragon. He had many followers. He seemed like a really nice dragon for the most part, but he had hidden intentions in some of the things he did. He wanted everything everyone else had, so you had to keep giving him treats to make him happy. He saw the way that Peach and Mario were together and disapproved. “If you two are truly meant to be together,” the dragon said, “then you will let the other have their own space.”
He ordered that Peach and Mario be pulled apart. Peach and Mario started to question the dragon. “Why do you want us to be apart?” The dragon said nothing. He just kept them apart. Mario threw a tantrum. He cried, “I want my Peach!” Peach said, “I want you too, Mario, but you have to listen to the dragon. Remember?” Mario wouldn’t listen though. Not even Peach could appease him, and his reaction certainly did not please the dragon. Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad tried to calm Mario down, but they knew they couldn’t do anything beyond that. Dragon’s orders. “You got your treat!” Mario continued, “Now leave us alone.” The dragon and his followers left, leaving Mario and Peach. They thought they were safe, but they failed the test. Thus, they could only be together for so long. They were only at the beginning of their true test………
[[Berkas:MaitreyaIndia.jpg|right|thumb|150px| Patung Maitreya yang sedang dibangun di Kushinagar, India setinggi 152 meter]]
Dalam [[agama Buddha]], '''Bodhisatva Maitreya''' adalah [[buddha]] yang akan datang. Dalam [[bahasa Tionghoa]], Maitreya terkenal sebagai ''Mile Pusa'' (彌勒菩薩).