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== Awak ==
* Komandan: [[Dick Scobee|Francis "Dick" Scobee]] (terbang pada ''STS-41-C'' & ''STS-51-L'')
* Pilot: [[Michael J. Smith]] (terbang pada''STS-51-L'')
* Spesialis Misi: [[Ronald McNair]] (terbang pada ''[[STS-41-B]]'' & ''STS-51-L'')
* Spesialis Misi: [[Ellison Onizuka]] (terbang pada ''[[STS-51-C]]'' & ''STS-51-L'')
* Spesialis Misi: [[Greg Jarvis|Gregory Jarvis]] (terbang pada ''STS-51-L'')
* Spesialis Misi: [[Judith Resnik]] (terbang pada ''[[STS-41-D]]'' & ''STS-51-L'')
* Spesialis Muatan: Christa Corrigan McAuliffe (terbang pada''STS-51-L'')
== Rencana misi ==
== Referensi ==
* [[Richard Feynman]]. ''[[What Do You Care What Other People Think?]]'' ISBN 0-586-21855-6. Describes the inner workings of the Rogers Commission, the confusion and misjudgement that plagued NASA and the moment when the cause of the ''Challenger'' disaster was revealed.
* Vaughan, D. (1996) ''The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture and Deviance at NASA'' ISBN 0-226-85176-1
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