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{{Infobox Stadium
| name = Millennium Stadium<{{br />}}''Stadiwm y Mileniwm''
| nickname =
| image = [[ImageBerkas:Millennium Stadium North.jpg|250px]]{{StadionUEFA5}}
| location = [[Cardiff]], [[Wales]]
| opened = Juni 1999<ref name="Date">{{cite web |url= |publisher=Millennium Stadium |title=Millennium Stadium Information |accessdate=2008-08-28 }}</ref>
| construction_cost = GB£121 million<ref>{{cite web |url= |publisher=Cardiff Council |title= The Economic Impact of the Millennium Stadium |accessdate=2008-09-07}}</ref>
| architect = [[HOK Sport Venue Event|HOK + LOBB Partnership]] and [[Atkins plc|WS Atkins]]<ref>{{cite web |url= |publisher=Federation of Master Builders |title=Pulling off the wow factor |accessdate=2008-08-28 }}</ref>
| tenants = [[Welsh Rugby Union]] ([[Tim nasional rugby union Wales|National team]])<{{br/>}}[[Football Association of Wales]] ([[Tim nasional sepak bola Wales|National team]])
| seating_capacity = 74.500<ref>{{cite web |url=|publisher=Millennium Stadium plc|title= About Millennium Stadium|accessdate=2008-09-07}}</ref>