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'''Croatia Airlines''' adalah nama maskapai penerbangan [[Kroasia]]. Kode [[IATA]] '''OU''' dan kode [[ICAO]] '''CTN'''. Maskapai ini berdiri tahun 1989. Anggota A Star Alliance Member.
|airline = Croatia Airlines
|logo = CroatiaAirlinesLogo.png
|logo_size =
|callsign = CROATIA
|parent = [[Government of Croatia]]
|founded = 1989 (as Zagal-Zagreb Airlines)
|key_people = Ivan Mišetić (President and [[CEO]])
|headquarters = [[Zagreb]], [[Croatia]]
|hubs = [[Zagreb Airport]]
|focus_cities = [[Split Airport]]<br>[[Dubrovnik Airport]]
|frequent_flyer = [[Miles & More]]
|lounge = Senator Lounge
|alliance = [[Star Alliance]]
|fleet_size = 10 (+8 orders, 4 options)
|destinations = 27
|website =
[[File:Croatia airlines zg tower.JPG|thumb|right|Croatia Airlines [[Airbus A319]] taxiing at [[Zagreb Airport]], [[Croatia]] in new livery. (2007)]]
[[File:croatia.a319.arp.750pix.jpg|thumb|right|Croatia Airlines [[Airbus A319]] landing at [[London Heathrow Airport]], [[England]]. (2004)]]
[[File:croatia.a320.arp.750pix.jpg|thumb|right|Croatia Airlines [[Airbus A320]] landing at [[London Heathrow Airport]], [[England]]. (2004)]]
[[File:Croatia airlines 320.JPG|thumb|right|Croatia Airlines [[Airbus A320]] at [[Frankfurt International Airport]], [[Germany]]. (2007)]]
'''Croatia Airlines d.d.''' is the national [[airline]] and [[flag carrier]] of [[Croatia]], based in [[Zagreb]], and a regional member of the [[Star Alliance]]. It operates services to domestic and international destinations. Its main base is [[Zagreb Airport]], with focus cities at [[Dubrovnik Airport]] and [[Split Airport]].<ref name="FI">[[Flight International]] 3 April 2007</ref> In 2007 Croatia Airlines posted a [[net profit]] of 25 million [[Croatian kuna]] and transported 1,715,027, a maximum in the airline's history.{{Fact|date=April 2008}}
== History ==
The airline was established on 20 July 1989 as '''Zagal{{ndash}} Zagreb Airlines''', and started operations using [[Cessna 402]] aircraft on cargo services for the [[United Parcel Service|UPS]]. The company used the name ''Zagal'' for short. After the first democratic elections held in [[Croatia]], ''Zagal'' changed its name on 23 July 1990 to ''Croatia Airlines''<ref name="FI"/>.
In 1991 the airline signed an agreement with [[Adria Airways]] and then was able to lease a [[Douglas DC-9|McDonnell Douglas MD-82]] to start domestic jet services between Zagreb and [[Split (city)|Split]]. As soon as flights restarted, ''Croatia Airlines'' bought three [[Boeing 737]]s from [[Lufthansa]] and became a member of the [[International Air Transport Association]] (IATA). That year also saw the airline's first international route.
In 1993 two [[ATR 42]]s and two more 737s joined the fleet, offices were opened in several European cities and the company bought a travel agency, ''Obzor'', to organize travel for groups and individuals. By 1994, ''Croatia Airlines'' had welcomed its one millionth passenger. Later that year, [[Pope John Paul II]] flew the airline on a trip to Croatia.
In 1995, another ATR 42 was welcomed, as was the two millionth passenger. In 1996, ''Croatia Airlines'' became the first airline to fly to [[Sarajevo]]. In 1997 the airline's first [[Airbus A320]] arrived and was nicknamed ''Rijeka''. In 1998, another first plane of a new type arrived when the airline's first [[Airbus A320#A319|Airbus A319]] joined the fleet. This airplane was nicknamed ''Zadar''. Also that year, Croatia Airlines became a member of the Association of European Airlines (AEA). By 1999, two more Airbus jets had arrived and ''Croatia Airlines'' started selling the [[Boeing]] part of their fleet. Another important event occurred when the airline flew its five millionth passenger.
In 2000 two more Airbus planes arrived and an ''Automated Ticketing System'' was inaugurated. 2001 saw ''Croatia Airlines'' get maintenance and technical performing certificates from the [[Germany|German]] aviation authority [[Luftfahrt-Bundesamt]]. On 18 November 2004, ''Croatia Airlines'' joined the [[Star Alliance]] as a regional member, sponsored by [[Lufthansa]]. Croatia Airlines carried 1,715,027 passengers in 2007.{{Fact|date=January 2008}} According to some estimates 2007 was their best traffic year and also most profitable.{{Fact|date=January 2008}}
2008 has seen the airline retire its fleet of three [[ATR 42]] short-haul aircraft in service from 1993, to be replaced by six [[Bombardier Aerospace|Bombardier]] [[Q400]] aircraft, the first two of which were delivered in May and June 2008.
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