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Dear Residents of The Middle East and Asia
My name is Erik Young.I wrote to the Israeli Intelligence of their military about 12 months ago because I was concerned about the disappearance of an Israeli friend of mine who built a large house by the beach on Koh Samui Island off Thailand. Thailand's Mafia, who are commonly known as The Thai CIA are the origin of Iraq's Secret Police. In 1982 they raided Bagdhad hospital and force The Dean of Bagdhad Hospital out of his job and out of Iraq. They had lied to President Saddam Hussein and alleged The Dean (Mr Mullah) was a security risk. Mr Mullah was responsible for taking care of the medical files of Saddam Hussein. The Dean of Bagdhad Hospital finally settled in the UK and was my next door neighbour for about seven years. This is how I know what happened. The THAI CIA using then ID The Secret Police of Saddam Hussein claimed to be "Christians" They were NOT Christians but Satanists/Christian Scientologists. A while after taking control of Saddam Husseins medical files they had a (fake) Doctor diagnose Saddam Hussein as Diabetic and administered what they alleged was Insulin to him. They were lying he did not nhave Daibetes at all and they were administering Heroin to him so they ncould gain control of him and his assets. it was the THAI CIA-SECRET POLICE of MR SOPHONPANICH whose front was THE BANGKOK BANK PLC started out of the proceeds of Gestapo looting in WW2 who controls the world's Heroin trade. His laboratories were bin Afghanistan controlled at the time by his "Taliban Team" (Yaa-si-Ban which is the Thai for House 4 Drugs or Drug Factory). In recent years his team of Scientology dsrug dealing fraudsters have been killing foreigners and assuming their identities then robbing their bank accounts. The "PALESTINE EXTREMISTS" who are the target of the Israeli forces are MR SOPHONPANICH'S SATANIC HEROIN DEALING SCIENTOLOGY ID FRAUIDSTERS. So please do everything you can do to assist Israel and the rest of the "Honest World" to rid your country and elsewhere of these Satanists who use the ID of others to cause major conflicts. The Scientologists train up children and adults to exactly copy the voices of another person. On the phone you cannot identify that is is a fruadster talking to you. Scienlogists are also involved in locating look-a-likes to enable the ThaiCIA-Secret-Police-Heroin-Sophonpanich-Mafia rob countries, banks,insurance companies and individuals estates. Beneficiary fraud is another one of their satanic crimes. They do this to distract attention so they have the opportunity within the chaos created to loot the assets of their target countries. Here is some more information for you.....
This evening I have received a continuing amount abuse and threats and psychological terrorism from the terrorists that plague Thailand callinmg themselves Mr Bakstir (Baxter).
These terrorists who are also Heroin producers and dealers caused the 911 WTC air attack in New York, the corruption on Cuba in te 1950s attempts toill Fidel castro by poisoning his food overloading drinks etc with Aluminium sulphate, impregnating clothing and spiking the washing with dangerous chemicals and drugs, spraying dangerous toxins and spores from fungi into sleeping area of Fidel Castro and pouring bleach etc into water tanks etc.
They are associated and directly involved in the killing of 600,000 Rwandan people in one year, the Zimbabwe financial problems, Nelson Mandela's 27 year jail term because thety spread lies about him and a lan for a foreign invasion of South Africa, turning Saddam Hussein into a Heroin addict by dismissing and threatening the principle (Dean) of Baghdad Hospital so their fake Doctor Baxter could falsify a diagnosis of Diabetes to Saddam Hussein but prescribe Heroin instead of Insulin. They then had control and they orchestrated the invasion of Kuwait which they looted. They arranged the Lockerbie Pan Am Bombing as part of a hate/revenge attack upon Colonel Gaddafi of Libya.
Their ancestors lied about the Jews to Adolph Hitler and turned Hitler against the Jews, when he was living in Munich (Munchen) . They were the killers in the Cambodian "KILLING FIELDS GENOCIDE where 3.5 million people died. likewise they slaughter people in laos and burma and more recently 500,000 in Thailand. The Guildford Surrey pub bombings related to these people and a HATE CAMPAIGN AGAINST A GROUP WHO PREVENTED THE DISTRIBUTION OF HEROIN IN SURREY UNIVERSITY... This led to 2 pub bombings as usual they blamed others, in these cases the IRA.... They have arrived in mass in Pattaya again. Please please get The Royal Thai Police here in force together with some rocket launchers to remove this monster called Baxter. Earlier tonight 2nd Jan 2009 one man came to near a Boutique Hotel where I was being terrorised mentally by Mr Baxter and his Heroin dealers. The man held out handcuffs. he was nothing to do with any Police force he is a criminal and should be questioned concerning the location of Mr Baxter.
I have ordered about 100 grenades with grenadelauncher from the military producer in China today which have been billed to The United Nations office in Switzerland. Many children have been killed this problem of some Mafia people behaving like there is no Royal Thai Police and Mr baxter claiming the Royal Thai Police do not exist needs to be overcome by outside assistance for The Royal Thai Police and Thai people. They keep trying to get others to rob me and keep takling girls away and intimidating people.
I am not leaving Pattaya until the Mafia are stamped out they are mass killers see the record of countries they have looted which includes Afghanistan, The United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, South Africa, The Phillipines, Egypt, Cuba, former Yugoslavia )(I think they caused the political and ethnic rift and were responsible for killing that Molosovich was blamed for doing). The THAI CIA who are also THE SECRET POLICE of IRAQ are responsible for genocide in a number of countries. They killed the Russian Royal Family and they have killed over 30 members of my family/friends in the last 4 years.
Erik Young (Henry-Rasmussen-Fogh) - Human Rights Ambassador My Great Grand Father was King Frederick of Denmark who bought land in about 20 countries during his lifetime. Some of this land and property was bought under an alias since he did not want his massive wealth to be too obvious.
The United Nations
c/o The Copenhagen Soi 13/3 Beach Road Pattaya Thailand 2009-04-01
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