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Dobby first appeared in ''[[Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets]]'', where he was a central character in the story. He served the [[Blood purity (Harry Potter)#The Malfoy family|Malfoy family]] and its current head [[Lucius Malfoy]].
[[ImageBerkas:Dobby_Cos.jpg|thumb|left|Dobby in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets]]
He knew of Malfoy's plans to re-open the [[Hogwarts layout#Chamber of Secrets|Chamber of Secrets]] using [[Tom Riddle]]'s [[Tom Riddle's diary|school diary]] for months before it happened. As an attempt to discourage [[Harry Potter (character)|Harry Potter]] from returning to [[Hogwarts]], Dobby began to intercept the letters that Harry's friends sent him. Dobby then appeared at Privet Drive to warn Harry and tell him of the danger of returning to Hogwarts, and attempted to persuade him to stay away so he would be safe from harm. For warning Harry he had to punish himself most severely. When Dobby's attempts failed to persuade Harry, he smashed a pudding in the Dursley's kitchen. Being caught in the kitchen with the wreckage, and receiving a warning letter for illegal use of magic, Harry was locked up by the Dursleys, who insisted that he would not return to Hogwarts. They might perhaps have been successful, but [[Ron Weasley|Ron]], [[Fred and George Weasley]] were able to rescue Harry in their father's flying [[Ford Anglia]].