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Rescuing 2 sources and tagging 0 as dead.) #IABot (v2.0.8
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(Rescuing 2 sources and tagging 0 as dead.) #IABot (v2.0.8)
* [http://www.starlight2007.net/ Starlight: a common heritage.]
* [http://www.solis.org.au Sydney Outdoor Lighting Improvement Society]
* [http://www.lightpollution.org.uk/ The Challenge article "Is Light Pollution Killing Our Birds"] {{Webarchive|url=https://web.archive.org/web/20061030205822/http://www.lightpollution.org.uk/ |date=2006-10-30 }}
* [http://www.discover.com/issues/jul-03/features/featlights/ The ''Discover'' article relating light pollution to insects, birds, and breast cancer] (requires paid registration)
* [http://www.muskokaheritage.org/ecology-night/index.asp Ecology of the night symposium] {{Webarchive|url=https://web.archive.org/web/20040803081831/http://www.muskokaheritage.org/ecology-night/index.asp |date=2004-08-03 }} (2003 conference)
* [http://www.urbanwildlands.org/conference.html "Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting"] (2002 conference, by the Urban Wildlands Group)
* [http://www.inquinamentoluminoso.it/istil/venice/index.html Light pollution and the protection of the night environment], UNESCO, IDA Regional Meeting, 360 pages,(2002) English — Italian. Proceedings are available as a downloadable PDF.