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[[Berkas:Binucleated cell overlay.tiff|300px|jmpl|[[Sitokinesis|Pembelahan sel.]] Semua sel dapat dianggap motil karena dapat membelah menjadi dua sel anakan.<ref>{{cite book|last1=Clegg|first1=Chris|title=Edexcel biology for AS|url=|date=2008|publisher=Hodder Murray|location=London|isbn=978-0-340-96623-5|page=[ 111]|edition=6th|chapter=3.2 Cells make organisms|quote=Division of the cytoplasm, known as cytokinesis, follows telophase. During division, cell organelles such as mitochondria and chloroplasts '''become distributed''' evenly between the cells. In animal cells, division is by '''in-tucking''' of the plasma membrane at the equator of the spindle, ''''pinching'''' the cytoplasm in half (Figure 3.15). In plant cells, the Golgi apparatus forms vesicles of new cell wall materials which '''collect along the line of the equator''' of the spindle, known as the cell plate. Here, the '''vesicles coalesce''' forming the new plasma membranes and cell walls between the two cells (Figure 3.17).}}</ref>]]
[[Berkas:Subcellular-and-supracellular-mechanical-stress-prescribes-cytoskeleton-behavior-in-Arabidopsis-elife01967v001.ogv|300px|jmpl|[[Sitoskeleton]] [[Eukariota|eukariotik]] menginduksi sel untuk bergerak melalui permukaan cair dan lebih, membelah menjadi sel-sel baru, dan sitoskeleton membimbing pengangkutan organel dalam sel. Video ini menunjukkan sitoskeleton yang diwarnai dari potongan melintang daun ''[[Arabidopsis thaliana]]''.<ref>{{cite book|last1=Alberts|first1=Bruce|last2=Johnson|first2=Alexander|last3=Lewis|first3=Juian|last4=Raff|first4=Martin|last5=Roberts|first5=Keith|last6=Walter|first6=Peter|title=Molecular biology of the cell|date=2008|publisher=Garland Science|location=New York|isbn=0-8153-4106-7|page=965|edition=5th|chapter=16|quote="For cells to function properly, they must organize themselves in space and interact mechanically with their environment... Eucaryotic cells have developed... the cytoskeleton... pulls the chromosomes apart at mitosis and then splits the dividing cell into two... drives and guides intracellular traffic of organelles... enables cells such as sperm to swim and others, such as fibroblasts and white blood cells, to crawl across surfaces."}}</ref>]]