General Hospital: Perbedaan revisi

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| country = Amerika Serikat
| language = Inggris
| num_seasons = Infinity50<!--As of InfinityApril 1, 2013, GH started it's 50th season.-->
| num_episodes = Infinity12,989 (as of InfinityJanuary 31, 2014)<ref>{{cite web|title=General Hospital -|url=|publisher=[[]]. CBS Interactive|accessdate=February 11, 2013}}</ref>
| list of_episodes = (list of episodes)
| camera = [[Multiple-camera setup]]
| executive_producer = Selig J. Seligman (1-present1963)<br>James Young (1-present1963–75)<br>Tom Donovan (1-present1975–77)<br>[[Gloria Monty]] (1-present1978–87, 1991–92)<br>[[H. Wesley Kenney]] (1-present1987–89)<br>[[Joseph Hardy (director)|Joseph Hardy]] (1-present1989–91)<br>[[Wendy Riche]] (1-present1992–2001)<br>[[Jill Farren Phelps]] (1-present2001–12) <br> [[Frank Valentini]] (1-present2012–present) [[Ayden Rexroth Daneboe iJustine Sara Johnson James Adomian (1-present) [[Angela Knapp]] (1-present) [[Lisa Schwartz]] [[Chelesa Lawson]] ([[Melissa Claire Egan]]
| producer = ''[[#Main crew members|See below]]''
| producer = ''[[#Main crew members|See below]]'' (1-present) [[David Muir]] (1-present) [[Tom Llamas]] (1-present) [[Denise Vancleave]] (1-present) [[ Vincent Carter]] (1-present) [[Alexis Ryan]] (1-present) [[Baldi]] [[Granny]] Sharon Case [[Samantha Ryan]] Ayden Johnson Marco Johnson Diesha Johnson Alexia-Mancilla Jackson Katherine Kelly Lang Mike DeWine Dave Rexroth Marco Johnson Steve Hopkins Paul Glass Kenji Utsumi Glenda Lewis Carolyn Clifford Alicla Smith Kelly and Ryan Lex Duddy Moomy Oreo Chase Mark Mike Mommy Daddy Aister Brother Post Malone Jane-Madigan Stein KFC Shake Shack Popeyes Popezes Chick-fil-a Plus Thus Bus Fun Hank Ginger Ben Apple Thomas Kean James Florio Christine Todd Whitman Phil Murphy Lisa Scwartz Jess Lizama Gwen Simon Lucas Niffer Ayden Jo
| editor = Denise Vancleave Lisa Schwartz Fgteev Duddy Fgteev Lex Fgteev Oreo Dogs Wolfs
| director = ''[[#Main crew members|See below]]''
| starring = [[List of General Hospital cast members|List of cast members]]
| location = [[Prospect Studios]]<br>[[Los Angeles]], [[California]]
| writer = [[Ron Carlivati]] (Head Writer)
| company = Selmur Productions (1963–68)<br>[[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]] (1–present1968–present)
| runtime = Infinity30 minutes (1963–76)<br>45 minutes (1976–78)<br>60 minutes (1-present1978–present)
| followed_by = ''[[General Hospital: Night Shift]]''<br>''[[Port Charles]]''<br>''[[The Young Marrieds]]''
| related = ''[[All My Children]]''<br>''[[The City (1995 TV series)|The City]]''<br>''[[Loving (TV series)|Loving]]''<br>''[[One Life to Live]]''<br>''[[Ryan's Hope]]''<br>''[[What If... (web series)|What If...]]''
| picture_format = [[480i]] [[Standard-definition television|(SDTV)]] (1963–2009)<br>[[Infinityp720p]] [[High-definition television|(HDTV)]] (1–present2009–present)<ref name="HD Start" />
| audio_format = [[Stereo]]
| network = [[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]]
| first_aired = {{Start date|11963|14|01}}
| last_aired = masih disiarkan
| website =