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Tag: Suntingan visualeditor-wikitext
Tag: Suntingan visualeditor-wikitext
The use of ''pamaéh'' is one way to write Sundanese script at basic stage. Another way, the ''pasangan'', is normally used in order to avoid the use of ''pamaéh'' in the middle of words, as well as to save writing space. ''Pasangan'' is constructed by attaching a second ''ngalagéna'' letter to the first one, thus eliminating the /a/ vowel of the first ''ngalagéna''.
== Baris Unicode ==
Sundanese script was added to the [[Unicode]] Standard in April 2008 with the release of version 5.1. In version 6.3, the support of ''pasangan'' and some characters from Old Sundanese script were added.
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The Unicode block for Sundanese is U+1B80–U+1BBF.
The Unicode block for Sundanese Supplement is U+1CC0–U+1CCF.
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