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'''''The New American''''' ('''''TNA''''') adalah sebuah majalah cetak yang diterbitkan dua kali sebulan oleh American Opinion Publishing Inc., sebuah subsidier kepemilikan penuh dari [[John Birch Society]] (JBS), sebuah organisasi [[politik sayap kanan jauh|sayap kanan jauh]].<ref name=gomorrah>{{cite book | last = Blumenthal | first = Max | title = Republican Gomorrah : inside the movement that shattered the party | publisher = Nation Books | location = New York, NY | year = 2010 | page = 332 | quote = Skousen's vocal support for the Far-right John Birch Society's claim that communists controlled President Dwight Eisenhower cost him the support of the corporate backers who had paid for his Red-bashing lecture tours. | isbn = 1568584172 }}</ref><ref>{{Citation |first=Roger |last=Eatwell |title=Introduction: The new extreme right challenge |work=Western Democracies and The New Extreme Right challenge |publisher=Routledge |year=2004 |page=7 |url= |isbn=9781134201570 }}<br />{{Citation |first=Mark |last=Potok |title=The American radical right: The 1990s and beyond |work=Western Democracies and The New Extreme Right challenge |publisher=Routledge |year=2004 |page=43 |url= |isbn=9781134201570 }}</ref><ref name="Bernstein Jordan Brinkley">{{Cite news|title=The JFK assassination and a '60s leftist prism Letter from America |first=Richard |last=Bernstein |work=International Herald Tribune |location=Paris |date=May 21, 2007 |page=2}}<br />{{Cite news|title= Voters Admired N.C. Senator's Independent Streak, Southern Charm |first=Ida Kay |last=Jordan |work=The Virginian-Pilot |location=Norfolk, Va. |date=August 26, 2001|page=J.1}} <br />{{Cite news|title= The Right Choice for the C.I.A. |first=Douglas |last=Brinkley |work= [[The New York Times]] |date=February 10, 1997 |page=A.15 }}</ref><ref>Webb, Clive. ''Rabble rousers: the American far right in the civil rights era''. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 2010 {{ISBN|0820327646}} p. 10</ref> Majalah tersebut dibentuk pada 1985 dari penggabungan dua majalah JBS: ''American Opinion'' dan ''The Review of the News''.
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