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Fisika teori

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* [[Termodinamika lubang hitam]]
* [[Mekanika klasik]]
* [[Fisika benda terkondensasi]]
* [[Dinamika (mekanika)|Dinamika]]
* [[Kekekalan energi]]
* [[Energi gelap]]
* [[Materi gelap]]
* [[Elektromagnetisme]]
* [[Teori medan (fisika)|Teori medan]]
* [[Dinamika fluida]]
* [[Relativitas umum]]
* [[Fisika partikel]]
* [[Kosmologi fisik]]
* [[Kromodinamika kuantum]]
* [[Gravitasi kuantum]]
* [[Mekanika padat]]
* [[Fisika keadaan padat]] dan [[struktur bahan elektronik]]
* [[Relativitas khusus]]
* [[Model standar]]
* [[Mekanika statistik]]
* [[Termodinamika]]
Beberapa contoh '''teori fisika yang diusulkan''' ialah:
* [[Teori dinamika gravitasi]]*
* [[Kemunculan]]
* [[Teori penggabungan besar]]*
* [[Gravitasi kuantum putaran]]*
* [[Teori M]]
* [[Kosmologi plasma]]
* [[Teori senar]]
* [[Teori segala sesuatu]]*
* Duhem, Pierre. "La théorie physique - Son objet, sa structure," (in French). 2nd edition - 1914. English translation: "The physical theory - its purpose, its structure,". Republished by [http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Vrin Joseph Vrin] philosophical library (1981), ISBN 2-7116-0221-4.
* Feynman, et al. "[[Feynman lectures on physics]]" (3 vol.). First edition: Addison–Wesley, (1964, 1966).
* Landau et al. "[[Course of theoretical physics]]".
: Famous series of books dealing with in theoretical concepts in physics covering 10 volumes, translated in to many languages and reprinted over many editions. Often known simply as "Landau and Lefschetz" or "Landau-Lefschetz" in the literature.
* Longair, MS. "Theoretical Concepts in Physics: An Alternative View of Theoretical Reasoning in Physics". [[Cambridge University Press]]; 2d edition (4 Dec 2003). ISBN 0-521-52878-X. ISBN 978-0-521-52878-8
* Planck, Max (1909). [http://books.google.co.uk/books/about/Eight_Lectures_on_Theoretical_Physics_De.html?id=KisvtatMApwC&redir_esc=y "Eight Lectures on theoretical physics"]. Library of Alexandria. ISBN 1-4655-2188-7, ISBN 978-1-4655-2188-0.
: A set of lectures given in 1909 at [[Columbia University]].
* Sommerfeld, Arnold. "Vorlesungen über theoretische Physik" (Lectures on theoretical physics); German, 6 volumes.
: Series of lessons from a master educator of theoretical physicists.