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}}</ref> Umumnya, tradisi tersebut lisan ketimbang tertulis,<ref name="ReferenceA">{{cite book|title=The Oxford Handbook Of Global Religions|isbn=0-19-513798-1|author1=Juergensmeyer|first1=Mark |year=2006}}</ref><ref name="Introduction to African religion">{{cite book|title=Introduction to African religion |isbn=0-435-94002-3|author1=S. Mbiti|first1=John |year=1991}}</ref> yang meliputi kepercayaan dalam pencipta tertinggi, kepercayaan akan roh-roh, [[penyembahan orang mati|penyembahan leluhur]], penggunaan sihir dan [[pengobatan tradisional]].<ref>[ An African Story [[BBC]]]</ref><ref name="African Religion 2009"/> Peran kemanusiaan umumnya dipandang sebagai salah satu alam yang terharmonisasikan dengan supranatural.<ref name="African Religion 2009">Encyclopedia of African Religion (Sage, 2009) [[Molefi Asante]]</ref><ref>[ What is religion? An African understanding]</ref>
Meskipun penganut agama tradisional di Afrika sulit diperkirakan, karena [[sinkretisme]] dengan [[Kristen]], [[Islam]], dan [[Yudaisme]], para praktisionernya diperkiarakan berjumlah lebih dari 100 juta, atau sekitar 10 persen dari penduduk di benua tersebut.<ref name="Encyclbrit">''Britannica Book of the Year'' (2003), ''Encyclopædia Britannica'' (2003) ISBN 978-0-85229-956-2 p.306 <br />Menurut ''Encyclopædia Britannica'', pada pertengahan 2002, terdapat 480,453,000 Kristen, 329,869,000 Muslim dan 98,734,000 orang yang mempraktikan agama-agama tradisional di Afrika [ Ian S. Markham, ''A World Religions Reader'' (1996) Cambridge, MA: Blackwell Publishers] is cited by Morehouse University as giving the mid-1990s figure of 278,250,800 Muslims in Africa, but still as 40.8% of the total. These numbers are estimates, and remain a matter of conjecture (see Amadu Jacky Kaba). The spread of Christianity and Islam in Africa: a survey and analysis of the numbers and percentages of Christians, Muslims and those who practice indigenous religions. ''The Western Journal of Black Studies'', Vol 29, Number 2, (June 2005), discusses the estimations of various almanacs and encyclopediae, placing Britannica's estimate as the most agreed on figure. Notes the figure presented at the [ ''World Christian Encyclopedia'', summarized here], as being an outlier. On rates of growth, Islam and Pentecostal Christianity are highest, see: [ The List: The World's Fastest-Growing Religions], Foreign Policy, May 2007.</ref> [[Agama-agama diaspora Afrika]] juga dipraktikan dalam diaspora di benua Amerika, seperti [[Candomble]], [[Santeria]], dan [[Vodou Haiti|Vodou]].<ref name="ReferenceA"/><ref name="Encyclopedia of Africa">{{cite book|title=Encyclopedia of Africa |isbn=0-19-533770-0|author1=Anthony Appiah|first1=Kwame |author2=Louis Gates|first2=Henry |year=2010}}</ref>
== Statistik ==
[[Berkas:Igbo medicine man.jpg|thumb|right|Seorang pria penyembuh [[suku Igbo|Igbo]] abad ke-20 di [[Nigeria]], Afrika Barat]]
Para praktisioner agama tradisional di Afrika Sub-Sahara tersebar pada 43 negara, dan diperkirakan berjumlah lebih dari 100 juta,<ref name="Encyclbrit"/> meskipun [[agama di Afrika]] terbesar adalah [[Kristen]] dan [[Islam]].
== Referensi ==
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== Bacaan tambahan ==
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== Catatan ==
== Pranala luar ==
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