Mathieu Valbuena: Perbedaan antara revisi

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|caption = Valbuena bermain untuk Marseille
|fullname = Mathieu Valbuena
|height = {{height|m=1.67}}<ref>{{cite news |url= |title = Valbuena Club Profile |date=|accessdate = 17 March 2010 |publisher = [[Olympique de Marseille]] |language = French}}</ref>
|birth_date = {{Birth date and age|1984|9|28|df=yes}}
|birth_place = [[Bruges, Gironde|Bruges]], [[Perancis]]
|pcupdate = 29 April 2012
'''Mathieu Valbuena''' ({{lahirmati||19|3|1984}}) adalah seorang pemain [[sepak bola]] berkewarganegaraan [[Perancis]] yang bermain untuk klub [[Olympique de Marseille|Marseille]] pada posisi [[gelandang]].<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=A Night of Cold and Coldly Calculated Play|date=24 November 2010|accessdate=16 February 2011|work=[[New York Times]]}}</ref><ref name="valbuena_career">{{cite news|url=|title=Valbuena climbing towards glory|date=2 June 2010 |accessdate=16 February 2011|work=[[FIFA|Fédération Internationale de Football Association]]}}</ref><ref name="valbuena_bike">{{cite news|url=|title=Foot – OM : Valbuena, l’increvable "Petit Vélo"|work=France Soir|language = French}}</ref>
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