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Robot: Perubahan kosmetika
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* translations in the [[Romanian Cultural Institute]]'s ''[ Plural Magazine]'' (various issues): [ "Danillo Nonsuch" ("Dănilă Prepeleac")], [ ''Childhood Memories'' (excerpt)], [ "The Mother with Three Daughters-in-Law"], [ ''Childhood Memories'' (excerpt)], [ "The Purse a' Tuppence"], [ ''Childhood Memories'' (excerpt)], [ "The Tale of All Tales"], [ "The Tale of Ionică the Fool"]
* [ ''Roumanian Stories. Translated by Lucy Byng''], at the [[University of Washington]]'s [ DXARTS/CARTAH Electronic Text Archive]
* [ ''"The Story of the Pig". Hog Bridegrooms (tales of Aarne-Thompson-Uther type 441 in which a beautiful maiden is forced to marry a hog or a hedgehog)''], [[University of Pittsburgh]], [ Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts] edited and/or translated by [[D. L. Ashliman]]