Operasi Margarethe: Perbedaan revisi

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(←Membuat halaman berisi ''''Operation Margarethe''' was the occupation of Hungary by Nazi German forces during World War II,<ref>Andre...')
'''OperationOperasi Margarethe'''adalah wasoperasi themiliter occupationpendudukan ofHongaria [[Kingdomoleh ofJerman Hungarypada (1920–1946)|Hungary]]Perang byDunia [[Nazi Germany|Nazi German]] forces during [[World War II]]ke-2,<ref>Andreas Hillgruber, Helmuth Greinert, Percy Ernst Schramm, ''Kriegstagebuch des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht (Wehrmachtführungsstab) 1940-1945, Band IV: 1. Januar 1944 – 22. Mai 1945'' (Bernard & Graefe, 1961)</ref><ref>Carlile Aylmer Macartney, ''October Fifteenth: A History of Modern Hungary, 1929–1945'', 2 vols. (Edinburgh University Press, 1956–57), II, 226.</ref> as it was ordered by Hitler on 12 March 1944.
A plan for the occupation of Romania was devised under the name Operation Margarethe II but was never carried out, so the Romanian Government switched sides the first chance it had.