Henry Shue (kelahiran 1940) adalah seoran filsuf Amerika dan Profesor Emeritus Politik dan Hubungan Internasional di Merton College dari Universitas Oxford. Sebelumnya, ia menjadi Profesor Etika & Kehidupan Masyarakat Wyn and William Y Hutchinson di Universitas Cornell. Shue dikenal karena membuat buku Basic Rights: Subsistence, Affluence, and U.S. Foreign Policy.[1][2][3][4]

Henry Shue
Lahir24 Maret 1940 (umur 80)
EraFilsafat abad ke-21
Minat utamaFilsafat politik, filsafat moral
InstitusiMerton College


  • Basic Rights (Princeton 1980; edisi ke-2, 1996) ISBN 9780691029290
  • Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection
  • Fighting Hurt: Rule and Exception in Torture and War

Buku SuntinganSunting

  • Preemption: Military Action and Moral Justification, co-edited with David Rodin, Oxford University Press, 2010, ISBN 9780199565993
  • Nuclear Deterrence and Moral Restraint: Critical Choices for American Strategy (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Public Policy)
  • Climate Ethics: Essential Readings
  • The American Way of Bombing: Changing Ethical and Legal Norms, from Flying Fortresses to Drones
  • Just and Unjust Warriors: The Moral and Legal Status of Soldiers
  • Climate Justice: Integrating Economics and Philosophy
  • The Border That Joins: Mexican Migrants & U. S. Responsibility (Maryland Studies in Public Philosophy)


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