Have a Nice Day adalah album Roxette, diterbitkan pada Maret 1999.


Daftar laguSunting

  1. "Crush On You" (Per Gessle)
  2. "Wish I Could Fly" (Gessle) 1st single
  3. "You Can't Put Your Arms Around What's Already Gone" (Gessle)
  4. "Waiting For The Rain" (Marie Fredriksson)
  5. "Anyone" (Gessle) 2nd single
  6. "It Will Take A Long Long Time" (Gessle)
  7. "7Twenty7" (Gessle)
  8. "I Was So Lucky" (Gessle)
  9. "Stars" (Gessle) 3rd single
  10. "Salvation" (Gessle) 4 single
  11. "Pay The Price" (Gessle) 2nd single in japan
  12. "Cooper" (Gessle)
  13. "Staring At The Ground" (Gessle)
  14. "Beautiful Things" (Fredriksson/Gessle)