Gi Ju-bong

pemeran asal Korea Selatan

Gi Ju-bong (lahir 3 September 1955) adalah aktor Korea Selatan.

Gi Ju-bong
Lahir3 September 1955 (umur 68)
Korea Selatan
PendidikanSorabol College of Arts - Teater dan Film
Tahun aktif1977-searang
AgenPK Entertainment
KeluargaGi Guk-seo (saudara laki-laki)
Nama Korea
Alih AksaraGi Ju-bong
McCune–ReischauerKi Chu-pong

Karir sunting

Gi mulai berakting pada tahun 1977 dan dikenal untuk Offending the Audience, Sorum (2001), Viva! Love (2008) dan The Spy Gone North (2018).[1][2]

Filmografi sunting

Film sunting

Tahun Judul Peran
1981 Children of Darkness Part 1, Young-ae the Songstress Hyun-bae
1982 Geniuses With the Grade F Lee Gwan-doo/Kant
Come Unto Down Friend 1
1983 Human Market, Small Devil - An Autobiography
of a Twenty-two-year-old
1988 Sunshine at Present Friend
1991 Who Saw the Dragon's Toenail?
1992 Myung-ja, Akiko, Sonya
1995 My Old Sweetheart
1997 Bad Movie Traveling performer
1998 The Quiet Family Lonely man
1999 Judgement[3] (short film) Morgue employee
A Great Chinese Restaurant Man in his forties
Nowhere to Hide Chief of criminal unit
2000 Kilimanjaro Suit
Bichunmoo Kwak-jung
Die Bad Auto repair boss (cameo)
Joint Security Area Jenderal Pyo
Asako in Ruby Shoes E U-in's brother-in-law
2001 Red Heart (film pendek) Park Je-myung
A Woman Off Her Uniform (film pendek) Man
Bungee Jumping of Their Own Dean of student affairs
Friend "Mustache"
Sorum[4] Writer Lee
Say Yes Manager
My Boss, My Hero Sang Chun-man
2002 Driving Mrs. Park (short film)
Public Enemy Song Haeng-ki
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Driver Pang
Chow Yun-fat Boy Meets Brownie Girl Yong-baek
Boss X-File 간부 prosecutor
Saving My Hubby Han Joo-tae's father
Baby Alone Yang-geun
Sex Is Zero OB/Gyn doctor
Every Angel Dreams of Being a Janitor (film pendek) Shoe shiner
2003 Dying Puppy Truck driver
The First Amendment of Korea Commissioner Byun (cameo)
Taxidriver Catches Taxi (film pendek) Taxi driver Park Dong-sik
Save the Green Planet! Squad leader Lee
Wild Card[5] Squad leader Kim
Tube Jungbu chief of police
Sword in the Moon Officer Jang
Wonderful Days Noah
Into the Mirror Jeon Il-seong
2004 Mokpo, Gangster's Paradise Jo Tae-beom (cameo)
Mr. Handy Chairman Yoon
Liar Lieutenant detective
Foolish Game Director Kim
Clementine Hwang Jong-chul
Dead Friend Detective 1
Our Teatime (film pendek)
A Happy Day (film pendek)
R-Point Captain Park
2005 Crying Fist[6] Yu Sang-hwan's father
Spying Cam
The Crescent Moon Uncle
2006 The Romance Squad leader Hwang
Ad-lib Night Myung-eun's father (cameo)
2007 Pruning the Grapevine Father Moon
Fish on Land
2008 His Last Gift Class monitor (cameo)
Night and Day Mr. Jang
Viva! Love Mr. Ha
My Dear Enemy Man at cousin's house 1 (cameo)
Heartbreak Library Hong-soo
2009 Where is Ronny... Choong-sik (cameo)
Lifting King Kong Director Baek (cameo)
Never Belongs to Me Catholic priest (cameo)
Mom's Vacation (short film)
2010 Vegetarian aUAH Ji-hye (cameo)
Saying Good-bye Kim Joon-sik
Hahaha Curator of Tongyeong's
local history museum
A Good Night's Sleep for the Bad Pornography buyer (cameo)
2011 The Day He Arrives Producer
2012 Woosoossi[7] Company president Wang
2013 Nobody's Daughter Haewon Hoo-won
Norigae Hyun Sung-bong
Dear Dolphin Therapist
Montage Ear doctor Han
Hide and Seek Ayah Sung-soo (cameo)
Rough Play Theater director (cameo)
Steel Cold Winter Ayah Young-jun (cameo)
Friend: The Great Legacy Hyung-doo
The Suspect Coroner
2014 Apostle: He Was Anointed by God Agency official (cameo)
A Hard Day Company president Kim (cameo)
Haemoo Ship owner
Hill of Freedom Byeong-joo
2015 Empire of Lust Jo Jun
The Deal Subsection chief Choi
Coin Locker Girl Man in suit (cameo)
The Treacherous Butcher Mr. Kim
Office Chief
Right Now, Wrong Then Kim Won-ho
2016 Misbehavior Shin Byung-soo
The End of April Real estate agency boss
2017 Merry Christmas Mr. Mo Mo Geum-san
The First Lap Ayah Ji-yeong
The Battleship Island Ahn
2018 The Soup President
Grass Chang-soo
Hotel by the River Yeong-hwan
The Spy Gone North Kim Jong-Il

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