Ernest Bevin (9 Maret 1881 – 14 April 1951) adalah seorang negarawan Britania, pemimpin serikat dagang, dan politisi Buruh. Ia adalah wakil pendiri dan menjabat sebagai sekretaris jenderal Serikat Pekerja Utama dan Transportasi dari 1922 sampai 1940, dan sebagai Menteri Buruh dalam pemerintahan koalisi waktu perang.

Ernest Bevin
Sekretaris Negara untuk Urusan Luar Negeri
Masa jabatan
27 Juli 1945 – 9 Maret 1951
Perdana MenteriClement Attlee
Menteri Buruh dan Pelayanan Nasional
Masa jabatan
13 Mei 1940 – 23 Mei 1945
Perdana MenteriWinston Churchill
Ernest Brown
Rab Butler
Sekretaris Jenderal Transportasi dan Jenderal Serikat Pekerja
Masa jabatan
1 Januari 1922 – 27 Juli 1945
Informasi pribadi
Lahir9 Maret 1881
Winsford, Inggris
Meninggal14 April 1951(1951-04-14) (umur 70)
London, Inggris
Partai politikPartai Buruh
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  • Alan Bullock's magisterial three-volume biography Life and Times of Ernest Bevin was re-published in a single-volume abridged version by Politicos Publishing in 2002.
  • Denis MacShane contributed an essay on Bevin to the Dictionary of Labour Biography, Greg Rosen (ed), Politicos Publishing, 2001.
  • Deighton, Anne. "Entente Neo-Coloniale?: Ernest Bevin and the Proposals for an Anglo–French Third World Power, 1945–1949," Diplomacy & Statecraft (2006) 17#4 pp 835–852. Bevin in 1945-49 advocated cooperation with France as the base of a "Third World Power," which would be a third strategic center of power in addition to the United States and the Soviet Union.
  • Goodlad, Graham. "Attlee, Bevin and Britain's Cold War," History Review (2011), Issue 69, pp 1–6
  • Greenwood, Sean. "Bevin, the Ruhr and the Division of Germany: August 1945-December 1946," Historical Journal (1986) 29#1 pp 203–212. Argues that Bevin Bevin saw the Ruhr as the centerpiece of his strategy for the industrial revitalization of Europe. He insisted on keeping the Soviets out, and this position made him one of the principal architects of a divided Germany. in JSTOR
  • Jones, J. Graham. "Ernest Bevin and the General Strike," Llafur: Journal of Welsh Labour History/Cylchgrawn Hanes Llafur Cymru (2001) 8#2 pp 97–103.
  • Weiler, Peter. "Britain and the First Cold War: Revisionist Beginnings," Twentieth Century British History (1998) 9#1 pp 127–138 reviews arguments of revisionist historians who downplay Bevin's personal importance in starting the Cold War and instead emphasize British efforts to use the Cold War to perpetuate imperial regional interests, through containment of radical national movements, and to oppose American aggrandizement.
  • Wrigley, Chris. "Bevin, Ernest (1881–1951)", Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press, 2004); online edn, Jan 2008 accessed 2 June 2013 doi:10.1093/ref:odnb/31872; brief scholarly biography

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