Undang-Undang Deklarasi Aksesi 1910

(Dialihkan dari Deklarasi Aksesi)

Undang-Undang Deklarasi Aksesi 1910 (bahasa Inggris: Accession Declaration Act 1910) adalah sebuah Undang-Undang yang disahkan oleh Parlemen Britania Raya yang menyatakan deklarasi bahwa Penguasa disyaratkan melakukan kenaikan tahtanya sesuai dengan yang disyaratkan oleh Undang-Undang Hak Asasi 1689.[N 1] Dalam UU tersebut, ia harus mendeklarasikan dirinya sendiri berpegang pada iman Protestan.[2]

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  1. ^ "...And that every King and Queene of this Realme who at any time hereafter shall come to and succeede in the Imperiall Crowne of this Kingdome shall on the first day of the meeting of the first Parlyament next after his or her comeing to the Crowne sitting in his or her Throne in the House of Peeres in the presence of the Lords and Commons therein assembled or at his or her Coronation before such person or persons who shall administer the Coronation Oath to him or her at the time of his or her takeing the said Oath (which shall first happen) make subscribe and audibly repeate the Declaration mentioned in the Statute made in the thirtyeth yeare of the Raigne of King Charles the Second Entituled An Act for the more effectuall Preserveing the Kings Person and Government by disableing Papists from sitting in either House of Parlyament..."[1]


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