Burlesque era Victoria

hiburan teatrikal populer di Inggris

Burlesque era Victoria, terkadang dikenal sebagai travesty atau extravaganza,[1] adalah sebuah genre hiburan teatrikal yang populer di Inggris pada era Victoria dan di teater New York pada pertengahan abad ke-19. Para pengarang yang menulis burlesque meliputi J. R. Planché, H. J. Byron, G. R. Sims, F. C. Burnand, W. S. Gilbert and Fred Leslie.


  1. ^ According to the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, "the various genre terms were always applied freely", and by the 1860s their use had become "arbitrary and capricious": see "Burlesque," Grove Music Online. Oxford Music Online, accessed 3 February 2011 (perlu berlangganan). In an 1896 article on Burlesque in The Theatre, the three terms are used interchangeably: see Adams, W. Davenport. "Burlesque: Old v. New", The Theatre, 1 March 1896, pp. 144–45


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