Billy Lau Nam Kwong (lahir 3 April 1954) adalah seorang aktor, sutradara dan penulis asal Hong Kong. dia dikenal dengan peran-perannya dalam Film drama,komedi dan horror: sebagai "Kapten Polisi" dalam film Mr. Vampire (1985). setelah terkenal peran itu Dia banyak muncul difilm komedi dan horor.

Filmografi Sunting

Drama televisi Sunting

Year Title Network Role Notes
1993 The Vampire Returns TVB Qu Yan
1994 Shade of Darkness TVB
1995 Detective Investigation Files TVB Dingshou Li
1995–1996 A Kindred Spirit TVB Leung Yun Choi
1997 Chinese Folklore TVB
2001 Thank You Grandpa ATV Tong Xueli
2002 Responsive ATV Tong Xueli
2002 Project Ji Xiang ATV Ke Deli
2003 Light of Million Hopes ATV Wu Guanghong
2004 Mama, I Love You ATV Cheng Long
2004 Cross Border Daddy ATV Zengjing Ci
2005 Go! Go! Daddy ATV Zengjing Ci
2005 Danger Counter ATV Huang Qiang
2005 Hi there this logic ATV Teng Takumi
2005–2006 一雙筷子走天涯 ATV
2006 Spitfire ATV
2006 Hong Kong Criminal Files ATV Tadakuni parent
2007 Hong Kong Ghostbusters ATV Liu Ye
2008 Today in Court ATV No Character name (Liar dog food case)
2009 Hong Kong Gossip' ATV LEUNG Suk steamed
2009 Rooms to Let RTHK
2010 F.S.D RTHK Xiongge

Film Sunting

Year Title[1][2][3][4] Chinese Title Role Notes
1982 He Lives by Night 夜驚魂 Cashier of convenience store
1982 It Takes Two 難兄難弟 Bing's thug
1983 Aces Go Places II 難兄難弟 Bull's thug AKA: Mad Mission II.
1983 Esprit d'amour 陰陽錯 Ming's colleague Also Assistant Director.
1983 Men from the Gutter 暗渠 Brainless
1984 Men from the Gutter 暗渠 Brainless
1984 Heaven Can Help 上天救命 reporter
1984 Double Trouble 大小不良 Lecher at ATM
1984 Banana Cop 英倫琵琶 HK cop Also Production Manager.
1984 Hong Kong 1941 等待黎明 Foreman AKA: Waiting for Dawn, The Moment Has Come.
1984 The Ghost Informer 鬼線人 waiter in disco
1985 Yes, Madam! 皇家師姐 Parking Inspector (Cameo) UK title: Police Assassins.
1985 Mr. Vampire 殭屍先生 Wai (AKA Police Captain)
1985 Those Merry Souls 時來運轉 Doctor
1985 My Lucky Stars 福星高照 Mental patient on bench
1985 Cop Busters 拖錯車
1985 Affectionately Yours 花仔多情 Ruddy's buddy
1985 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars 夏日福星 Play director (in movie) AKA: The Target / Japanese title: Seven Lucky Stars.
1985 The Intellectual Trio 龍鳳智多星 Simon Tang AKA: Intellectual Trio H2O.
1985 Chase a Fortune 吉人天相 Billy Also Assistant Director.
1985 City Hero 飛虎奇兵 Old Bachelor
1985 Friendly Ghost 老友鬼鬼 (cameo) AKA: 瘋狂三寳
1986 My Heavenly Lover 我的愛神 Billy Tam AKA: Mr Heavenly Lover (Hong Kong Film Archive.)
1986 Lucky Stars Go Places 最佳福星 Libbogen
1986 The Millionaires' Express 富貴列車 Train Captain AKA: The Millionaire's Express/ Shanghai Express.
1986 United We Stand 飛躍羚羊 Billy
1986 Mr. Vampire Part 2 殭屍家族 Chicken AKA: Mr. Vampire II/ Mr. Vampire 2.
1986 Naughty Boys 扭計雜牌軍 Ah Fu (Detective) AKA: A Little Bit of Trick/ The Violent Caper.
1986 Sweet Sixteen 甜蜜十六歲 Teacher Lau AKA: 十六歲正點.
1986 My Family 八喜臨門 Mr Lau AKA: The Family
1986 The Strange Bedfellow 兩公婆八條心 Sgt Sing AKA: 變形人.
1987 Mr. Vampire Part 3 靈幻先生 Captain Chiang (AKA: Qiang) AKA: Mr. Vampire III/ Mr. Vampire 3.
1987 Eastern Condors 東方禿鷹 Ching Dai-Hao
1987 The Haunted Cop Shop 猛鬼差館 Sneaky Ming
1987 The Final Test 最後一戰 Dirty Nose
1987 You're My Destiny 用愛捉伊人 traffic cop (cameo)
1988 Police Story Part II 警察故事續集 ticketed truck driver AKA: Police Story 2.
1988 No Compromise 赤膽情 Mr Chan
1988 The Beloved Son of God 肥貓流浪記 mental patient playing headmaster AKA: The Nowhereman/ Fat Cat/ Beloved Son of God.
1988 Carry On Hotel 金裝大酒店
1988 My Dream Is Yours 夢過界 Bearded smoking cop AKA: The Dream Is Yours.
1988 The Inspector Wears Skirts 霸王花 Nam US Title: Top Squad.
1988 Bet on Fire 火舞風雲 club patron (cameo)
1988 Operation Pink Squad 霸王女福星 Big Nose
1988 Miss Magic 靈幻小姐 Billy Tung AKA: Lady Vampire.
1988 Spooky, Spooky 鬼猛腳 Four Eyes
1988 Into the Night 驚魂今晚夜 Burglar
1988 The Haunted Cop Shop II 猛鬼學堂 Lazy Bone AKA: 捉鬼特訓班.
1989 Funny Ghost 猛鬼撞鬼 Killer Ho
1989 The Inspector Wears Skirts II 神勇飛虎霸王花 Nam AKA: The Inspector Wears Skirts Part II.
1989 Unfaithfully Yours 花心三劍俠 China Gun
1989 Mr. Canton and Lady Rose 奇蹟 Ah Tung AKA: Miracles/ Canton Godfather/ Black Dragon.
1989 Vampire Vs Vampire 一眉道人 Captain AKA: One Eyebrowed Priest.
1989 Pedicab Driver 群龍戲鳳 Coolie (cameo)
1989 Mr. Smart 瀟酒先生 Kuang
1989 Operation Pink Squad II 猛鬼大廈 Jealous married cop AKA: Thunder Cops.
1989 Little Cop 小小小警察 Vice Squad Insp AKA: Little Cup/ 小警察.
1990 A Tale from the East 漫畫奇俠 Chu Tat Lit AKA: Tales from the East.
1990 The Fortune Code 富貴兵團 Donald Duck
1990 Raid on Royal Casino Marine 霸王花之皇家賭船 Nam AKA: Inspector Wears Skirts 3/ 皇家賭船(霸王花第三集.
1990 The Nocturnal Demon 夜魔先生 Master Snake
1990 Here Comes a Vampire 猛鬼霸王花 Yung
1990 The Spooky Family 捉鬼合家歡 AKA: Spooky Family.
1990 Vampire Settle on Police Camp 一眉道姑 AKA: 猛鬼系列之一眉道姑.
1991 Slickers Vs Killers 黐線枕邊人 man at mall
1991 The Banquet 豪門夜宴
1991 Vampire Kids 殭屍福星仔 Fatty AKA: Vampire Resurrection.
1991 Devil's Vendetta 妖魔道 Tan Tin Kong Actual on-screen title: Devil's Vindata.
1991 Sisters of the World Unite 莎莎嘉嘉站起來
1992 Lethal Contact 龍貓燒鬚 Polar Bear Also the Director.
1992 Ghost in Me 老友鬼上身 Xiao Lin
1992 Mr. Vampire 1992 新殭屍先生 General AKA: Chinese Vampire Story.
1992 Mad Mad Ghost 鬼打鬼之黃金道士 Landlord AKA: 鬼打鬼之靈幻天師/ 正宗鬼打鬼之靈幻天師.
1992 A Kid from Tibet 西藏小子 Jail Warden
1992 Skin Striperess 甩皮鬼 Mr Lau AKA: The Skinned Ghost/ 金裝鬼打鬼/ Sexy Ghost/ 艷鬼
1992 Inspector Wears Skirts IV 92霸王花與霸王花 Lou Nan Pin AKA: The Inspector Wear Skirts IV.
1993 Fatal Seduction 艷降 AKA: Woman Killer's Rampage.
1993 Blade of Fury 一刀傾城 Assistant Director
1994 Don't Shoot Me, I'm Just a Violinist! 山雞變鳳凰 First Robber
1994 The Gods Must Be Funny in China 非洲超人 Show Host AKA: The God Must Be Funny in China.
1995 Don't Give a Damn 冇面俾 fainted cop (CID) (uncredited) AKA: 摩登笑探/ US DVD Title: Burger Cop.
1995 Only Fools Fall in Love 呆佬拜壽 Sha Sam AKA: 新威龍闖天關—傻瓜與野丫頭.
1999 Tender Heart 愛滋初體驗 AKA: 愛滋心.
2000 Guys and a Cop 賤男特警 Dick-cock
2000 The Hong Kong Happy Man 賤男人週記 Nonsee
2000 The Temptation of Office Ladies OL誘惑之各自各精彩 Johnny Koo
2000 Guys and a Cop 賤男特警 Writer/ Planning
2002 Sex & Zen Vol.3 偷情寶鑑Vol.3:性愛三十六房/ 荒淫無度
2002 Sex & Zen Vol.4 偷情寶鑑Vol.4:十二性夜/ 閨房秘技
2002 Sex and Zen as The Prostitute in Jiang Nan 偷情寶鑑–江南第一名妓 Johnny Koo AKA: 偷情寶鑑:性奴/ Sex & Zen Vol.5
2007 Kung Fu Mahjong 3 – The Final Duel 雀聖3自摸三百番 Mahjong cheat
2007 The Pye-Dog 野·良犬 Mr Leung
2011 A Simple Life 桃姐 Mobster A AKA: Miss Peach/ Sister Peach.
2013 Rigor Mortis 殭屍

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